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Why did Korea Gas Corporation choose ‘Director Kang Hyeok’?

Guaranteed two-year contract period. Evaluated that both winning rate and performance have improved in more difficult situations

Professional basketball team Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus has finally selected Kang Hyuk as the second official head coach after completing the acting coach system. On February 26, the club said on its official channel, “We appointed Kang Hyuk as the official coach. We ask for a lot of support and support for Kang Hyuk, who is at a new starting point.”

Kang Hyuk, the new head coach, made a reputation as one of the leading guards in Korean basketball in the 1990-200s and a master of “two-man games.” Kang Hyuk, who graduated from Samil Sang High School and Kyung Hee University and joined Suwon Samsung currently Seoul as the fifth pick in the first round of the 1999 draft, spent 12 years playing for Samsung and continued to be a franchise star of the club. A former all-weather guard, Kang Hyuk was selected as the Six Man Award best candidate in the 2000-01 season and five defensive girls in four consecutive seasons from 2003-04, and led the team to its second championship in the 2005-06 season, and was named MVP with an average of 17.3 points and 6.5 assists.

However, in his later years, he was not left as a one-club man for Samsung, but was traded to Incheon Electronic Land Elephants, the predecessor of the Korea Gas Corporation. At the time, Samsung cleaned up Kang Hyuk, who was considered to have been decreasing when it chose to reorganize its team under new coach Kim Sang-joon, and as a result, this choice became a fatal mistake for Samsung. While Samsung entered a dark period for several years as it fell to the bottom of the year, ET Land, which gained Kang Hyuk, succeeded in advancing to the semi-finals of the playoffs.

Kang Hyuk’s career as a player left a rare record that even prestigious star players can hardly get, a feat of “100% success rate in advancing to the semi-finals of the previous season.”

When Kang was playing as a player, Samsung never missed a ticket to the playoffs. In the 2001-02 season, when he was the only one eliminated from the playoffs, he happened to be in Sangmu because of his military service. In the 2011-12 season, as soon as Kang was traded, Samsung broke its playoff record for the eighth consecutive year and fell to the bottom. And this streak of playoff attendance continued with Electro Land.

In his later years, Kang served as captain and retired honorably after playing two seasons at E-Land. He later transformed into a leader, served as coach of his alma mater Samil Sang-ho and Changwon LG, and returned to E-Land after eight years before the 2020-21 season, where he eventually became a coach and acting coach to become a full-time coach. For KGC, it has become a “true shot” that it earned as a trade from E-Land 13 years ago.

Even after Electro Land was acquired by Korea Gas Corporation, Kang has maintained his position as a coach. After the 2022-23 season, manager Yoo Do-hoon was dismissed due to poor performance with one year left in his contract period, and took over the baton. However, the club set a period of verification through vague position of “acting coach” rather than an official coach.

As of the 2023-24 season, KGC ranks seventh with 17 wins and 26 losses .395. It is 6.5 games shorter than sixth-ranked Ulsan Hyundai Mobis 23 wins and 19 losses, which is the last team to advance to the semifinals. In fact, the prevailing view is that the playoffs are difficult for this season.

However, even before the end of the season, KGC gave Kang a presentation that it was officially the manager without being labeled as an agent. This means that it is satisfied with the coach’s leadership that the team has shown this season.

In fact, Coach Kang Hyuk took charge of the team at a very difficult time. Until last season, Korea Gas Corporation was evaluated as a candidate for the championship, but there was a lot of noise surrounding the change of coach and the restructuring of the team as it failed to meet expectations. This season, the basketball team’s budget was cut by 20% due to the financial problems of its parent company.

Ahead of the opening, the Korea Gas Corporation’s power was evaluated as a low rank. The total annual salary of the team is about 1.93 billion won, the lowest rate of salary cap consumption 69% among the 10 teams. On top of that, the head coach was also a novice coach and was under the acting coach system, so his leadership seemed unstable.

As feared, his early moves were not as smooth as he had expected. KGC faced a major unfavorable situation as Isaiah Hicks, who had been selected as a foreign player with only one option before the opening of the season, was forced to drop out due to injury. He had only one win and 12 losses in the opening 13 games, and suffered a whopping 10 consecutive losses in the middle of the second round, falling to the bottom.

However, starting in the third round, the Andrew Nicholson-Duban Maxwell combination was established due to Kim Nak-hyeon’s discharge and the replacement of foreign players, and the team gradually regained stability. Korea Gas Corporation, which launched counterattacks in the new year, achieved a good result with seven wins and two losses amid a major reversal of its lead teams in January alone. Korea’s ranking has risen to the seventh place.

Although the semifinal playoffs were delayed due to poor performance at the beginning, compared to the 2022-23 season 18-36, 9th place, when the results were disastrous even though they were better than this season, both the winning rate and performance have improved in more difficult situations.

Coach Kang Hyuk’s leadership is generally well received. Coach Kang has already had a lot of positive reviews in his leadership since his time as coach of Changwon LG, and he has stood out in the field of fostering guards and two-man games. Coach Kang Hyuk has never complained about the surrounding environment even when the club has not been properly invested or reinforced compared to last season. Soft leadership, which encourages players calmly throughout the time without rushing to blame or push them despite their poor performance, is also gaining high marks from fans.

It was reasonable for the Korea Gas Corporation to guarantee a two-year contract period, giving the passing point to the coach Kang Hyuk’s system. There are not many star players in the national team, but the Korea Gas Corporation, which has a well-organized organization, is considered to have the potential to reach the semifinals or higher. The real “Kang Hyuk era” for Korea Gas Corporation begins now. 안전 토토사이트


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