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MGM Grand Detroit Casino’s permanent complex has a $765 million price tag, which is currently the largest construction project in Michigan and dwarfs the price tag for Detroit’s new professional sports stadium and downtown Compuware headquarters.

According to a casino rendering released on Thursday, the permanent casino complex will combine contemporary elements, such as a gold glass hotel tower, with an art decoration building in its main building. It presents for the first time what will be brought about by the busy construction of 25 acres in Bagley and Lodge Freeway.

MGM Grand spokesman Bob Berg said the 17-story casino complex will create 1,000 more permanent jobs that are expected to be part of the development for workers at hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. The casino already employs 2,500 workers.

The new building includes 100,000 square feet of casinos, spas, shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

Grigtown Casino, which has revised its plans several times, is under city approval to build a permanent facility. On Thursday, it submitted plans to the city planning board for a 33- to 35-story garage and hotel tower in the heart of Grigtown.

The committee expects to vote on the proposal by May 4.

The Greek village still needs approval from other cities to start construction.

MGM’s decision to increase spending on the casino complex by $190 million reflects the company’s confidence that the region has a strong market to back it up, Berg said.

“Obviously, this is going to be the best facility in the region,” Berg said, noting that MGM is spending more than the other two casinos combined.

The $765 million price tag beats the $275 million Motor City Casino plans to spend to build hotel towers and add them to temporary casinos, while the $200 million Greektown Casino expects to pay to build hotel towers and garages.

By comparison, Ford Field cost $500 million, Comerica Park about $360 million, and Computerware HQ cost $550 million.

In 2005, the three casinos’ annual revenues were $460.7 million for MGM, $335.6 million for Greek Town, and $432.2 million for Motor City.

Mr. Berg said MGM’s original plans for a hotel, casino and 5,000-space parking lot remain the same. But he said he would spend more on amenities and upgrades. He did not provide details, citing competition with three other casinos in the area, including Casino Windsor.

Art deco-style buildings of steel, stone, and glass evoke the heyday of Hollywood in the 1920s and 1930s.

“The goal is unique, but it fits well with the surroundings,” Berg said.

A spokesperson for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick said Thursday that MGM’s large investment is what it needs to rebuild the city itself.

“MGM recognizes that the city of Detroit is on the verge of becoming a destination,” said spokesperson Jamain Dickens. “If we’re going to make it to Next Detroit, these are the types of investments we have to make to truly show Detroit around the world.”

He said that not only would he benefit financially from the three new casinos, but that additional hotels and conference rooms would put him in a better position to host major conventions and events.

“The same developments that MGM brings are the type of things that people talk about when they leave the city,” he said. “It gives another reason for people to come here.”

Having revised its proposals several times, the Greektown Casino now plans to combine 3,100 parking lots with hotel rooms 20 to 22 stories high. The structure will go up to St. Antoine and Monroe on a parking deck site, where the casino will be buying for $32 million from the city.

The Detroit City Council is planning a vote on the sale of the land today. 파워볼사이트

The structure of the hotel and parking lot is connected to the casino on the other side of Monroe with high travel sidewalks.

The Greektown Casino was originally planning to build a $450 million casino and hotel complex on seven acres of Grazio and I-375. In September, the casino announced that it was negotiating to buy lots in Greektown for hotel and parking structures.

With all the approval, Gristown expects to begin demolishing the garage and adjacent apartment buildings it has already purchased. If all goes as planned, the parking lot could be built late next year with the hotel complete by mid-2008.

Greektown plans to add 25,000 square feet of new gaming space to more than half of Lafayette Boulevard. The plans also require a spa and 1,200-seat theater.


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