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A Denver man has been charged with trespassing at Denver Zoo while trying to pet a sleeping tiger.

Since Denver Zoo is not a zoo for pets, in order to pet the tiger, the man had to cross a public barrier. The police caught the tiger before he actually petted it, so both the man and the tigers were unharmed.

Zoo officials point out that the zoo is currently decorated with signs, barriers, and other clear signs that it is not a zoo for pets, and that such behavior is unacceptable, but they are considering setting up the zoo to see if additional security is needed to prevent it from repeating itself. So if the zoo becomes involved in a horrific overkill that completely cuts off visitors from any signs of nature, we will know exactly who to blame. Thank you, my tiger pet friend.

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Easter is coming. Intertops Casino Players are busy raising $150,000 in Bunny Money rather than looking for colored eggs. Every week until May 8, the popular online casino that welcomes players from all over the world will award frequent players a $30,000 bonus and another $5,000 in a random lottery to beat any player.

Intertop players earn points every time they enjoy casinos’ hundreds of real-money online casino games. Every Monday, the top 300 players on the scoreboard receive a casino bonus of up to $500 each.

“We gave bonuses to players who didn’t even realize they were earning points during the game,” said the Intertops casino manager. “But many players really enjoy competing against each other for the best spot on the scoreboard and the best weekly bonus.”

“On Wednesday, I was ranked 22nd on the scoreboard and was looking forward to a $300 bonus,” said Debbie S., a regular at the Intertops. “Then on Thursday, I received an email from the Intertops saying I had a $150 draw! I did a really good job last weekend, and by Monday I had moved up a few spots on the scoreboard to get $500!”

Each week, the top 20 players enter the lottery at the end of the Bunny Money event. Debbie, one of the other week’s top 20 players, will win a $1,000 prize.

Bunny Money Casino Bonus runs through May 8, 2017. Competition details and current scoreboard rankings are available on the website.

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