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Shocking confession of 116.2 billion Lee Kang-in colleagues

He confessed to the difficult times.

Gonzalo Hamus talked about his adaptation to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). “In December last year, I was infected with the virus and even had colitis. At that time, I spilled blood and vomited for 20 days, and suffered a high fever that I couldn’t eat anything.”

Hamus left Benfica to join PSG ahead of this season. At that time, it was a loan agreement that confirmed a full transfer after the end of the season. PSG paid a total of 80 million euros (about 116.2 billion won), including options, to recruit Hamus.

The reason why Hamus transferred so much money was because of his performances in Benfica and the Portugal national team. Last season, he played in 47 matches in Benfica alone, recording 27 goals and 12 assists. In addition, he also secured Portugal’s starting position by beating Cristiano Ronaldo during the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar. At the time, Hamus caught the attention of soccer fans by scoring a hat-trick in the round of 16 matches against Switzerland.

In the end, Hamus successfully joined PSG, but has not lived up to expectations. Hamus’ debut goal in Ligue 1 was not made until the match against Marseille in the sixth round. Since then, he has shown his undulating determination, moving back and forth between the starting lineup and the replacement list. Hamus has played in a total of 30 matches so far, with only nine goals and one assist.

However, he reportedly felt in a mess at a time when he had to adapt. He naturally couldn’t concentrate on the game even as he poured blood into it. He seems to be gradually returning to his original condition recently. Hamus has scored three goals in six recent Ligue 1 matches, showing the possibility of his revival. 바카라사이트



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