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Power ‘F’ Manchester United ’72 million pounds star’ on top of reporter hurt by Klopp’s

Rasmus Hoi-Run (Manchester United) revealed his “Power F” side.

“Hui Roon sat face to face with a reporter who was angry at the interview with director Jurgen Klopp while returning to Denmark.”

Manchester United, led by Erik ten Hag, beat Liverpool 4-3 in the quarterfinals of the 2023-2024 English Football Association (FA) Cup held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on Sunday after a close game. Ahmad Traore scored a dramatic goal just before the end of the match to secure the win.

Controversy erupted after the match. It was because of Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp’s interview. In an interview with Norwegian TV VSport1, Klopp was asked why it was so hard in extra time today when high-intensity games are the name of your game. “I think that’s a bit of a stupid question (Bit of a dummy question I feel…) “If you’ve seen us often, you might have asked how full of energy we are. I don’t know how many games we played recently. I don’t know exactly how many games Manchester United played. This is sports. Your question is really disappointing, but I’m sure you think that’s a good one.” When asked again, “You don’t think so because there are too many games,” Klopp patted the reporter on the shoulder and passed the interview area. “We had a good conversation. I’m sure you’re not in a good condition, but I don’t care about what you’re saying,” Klopp added.

The Daily Mail reported that the reporter interviewed Klopp found Huyirun and Christian Eriksen sitting next to him on the plane after the game. At the time, Eriksen was quoted as telling the reporter, “I laughed a little bit when I saw it.”

Meanwhile, he captured fans’ attention by exploding his passion during the match. Another British media outlet, Tribune, said, “He got a Scott McTominay pass during the build-up process. He was seen losing his cool. He was in a good position after a long time. However, McTominay’s pass flew past him. He was furious that he had wasted the opportunity. He immediately expressed his frustration towards McTominay. McTominay attempted to explain his situation. His passion disappeared for Manchester United for several years. It’s nice to see him like this.”

Hoirun left Atalanta (Italy) to join Manchester United ahead of this season. He transferred 72 million pounds. Expectations were high. However, he had to skip games for a while due to injury early in the season. He rarely scored a goal even in the English Premier League. However, he seems to have fully adapted to the EPL stage recently. He has seven goals and two assists in 20 league games. 파워볼게임



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