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Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Confirms 3-Year Contract With Manager Kim Sang-woo

Daejeon Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Blue Fence Volleyball Team hereinafter referred to as Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance announced on the 15th that it will renew its contract with manager Kim Sang-woo 51.

Manager Kim Sang-woo’s contract period is three years, and the annual salary and detailed contract terms will not be disclosed under the agreement of the two sides.

Manager Kim Sang-woo is said to have improved the team’s constitution through a quick and bold rebuild.

“We highly appreciate manager Kim Sang-woo’s ability to demonstrate the rebuilding performance with his outstanding leadership and management skills. We look forward to the management and development of the team with a mid- to long-term perspective,” a Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance source said. “The team will also do its best to support the players and the coach.” 토토사이트

Meanwhile, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is in fourth place in the league with 16 wins and 12 losses 42 points, and will face fifth-ranked KEPCO on the evening of the 16th.


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