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“Reply 2011.” Lost in the first round? SSG’s Flipping Instinct

SSG’s chances of elimination increase after losing Game 1 of semi-playoff

SSG Landers who lost the first round of the semi – PO.

What SSG Landers needs now is 2011 flip DNA activation.

SSG will play its second semi-playoff home game against NC in the 2023 KBO League postseason at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 23rd.

SSG, which lost 3-4 games in the first leg the day before, is set to play its final semi-playo home game, possibly the last. If even the second game is lost, if the game does not continue until the fifth game, the season will no longer end without a home game.

On the other hand, NC produced the best results. Until last year, the chance for the winning team of the first semi-playo match to enter the playoffs reached 87.5 percent (28 out of 32 times). On top of that, 71.4% (10 out of 14) is considered only for the best-of-five series. If it extends to the playoffs, it will soar to 76.1% (35 out of 46). Therefore, if NC catches the second game, Eric Peddy, who won three gold medals in the pitching category, is expected to play in the third game, which could further increase the prospect of advancing to the playoffs.

Even so, SSG cannot end this season like this. SSG, which won wire-to-wire last season, had its worst fall in the second half of this season, but succeeded in dramatically raising the mood at the end of the regular season.

In terms of power, SSG is not willing to retreat in vain because it is enough to explore the Korean Series. In particular, if you think of the 2011 season, 12 years ago, SSG can have a chance to turn the tables.

SSG has DNA that was successfully reversed in 2011.

It is true that the probability (71.4%) of the winning team in the first round of the semi-playoffs, which were held in the best-of-five series, is overwhelmingly high. However, there is no way that a reversal will not come out.

In fact, it has won the series four times so far by overturning the inferiority of the first game defeat, and SSG’s DNA is also in its history. Doosan (2009, 2010, 2013) and SK (2011) were the only teams that advanced to the playoffs despite losing Game 1 in the best-of-five semi-PO.

SK, which was ranked third in the 2011 season, lost 1-5 in the first round of the semi-playoff against KIA, with its batters silent against Yoon Seok-min, who was a four-time champion pitcher at the time. At that time, the probability of the winning team in the first round advancing to the next stage was so high that there were talks about SK’s elimination, but the results were different.

Game 2, which was marked by a showdown between Song Eun-beom and Lopez, was also played as a pitcher, and after a fierce bullpen fight, the winner was SK, where Lee Ho-joon’s timely hit to end in the 10th inning of extra time.

SK, which changed the atmosphere, completed a miraculous turnaround by displaying the power of a powerful mound that did not give up a single point in both games with the power of the bullpen in the away game in Gwangju. 토토

Now, it is Kim Kwang-hyun, the starting pitcher of the second game of SSG, who changed his team name. It remains to be seen whether Kim Kwang-hyun, a veteran who has experienced everything and a pitcher who represents SSG, will signal a change of atmosphere.



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