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He pitched 5.2 scoreless innings in the first round of the semi-PO, contributing to the team’s victory

He showed good pitching in his postseason debut and clearly caught the eye of NC manager Kang In-kwon. NC starter Shin Min-hyuk is the main character.

Shin Min-hyuk started the game against SSG in Game 1 of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO postseason semi-playoff at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 22nd and silenced the SSG lineup by pitching 5.2 innings with four hits, one out and three strikeouts.

The start was fresh. He caught both the first and second innings with three outs and blocked the SSG lineup.

However, from the third inning, Shin Min-hyuk faced a lot of crisis situations. Jihoon Choi, Kim Sung-hyun’s consecutive hits, and Kim Min-sik’s sacrifice bunt faced a crisis of one out and second and third bases. However, he escaped the crisis by striking out Oh Tae-gon and Park Sung-han, respectively.

In the fourth inning, Choi Jung and Eredia hit consecutive hits, causing a crisis of first and second bases with no outs. However, he escaped the crisis by catching all of Han Yu Island, Ha Jae-hoon, and Jihoon Choi with flying balls.

In the fifth inning, he allowed a walk to leadoff hitter Kim Sung-hyun and started nervously started. However, he finished the inning by catching Kim Min-sik, Oh Tae-gon, and Park Sung-han all with fly balls.

In the sixth inning, Choi Jung and Herredia were blocked with straight hits and fly balls, respectively, and then replaced by Kim Young-kyu to complete their duties as starters. Although he did not become a winning pitcher, as a starter, Shin Min-hyuk showed better-than-expected pitching.

After the game, Shin Min-hyuk said, “I started at a sold-out stadium, and I was honestly nervous. However, I was able to throw comfortably because (Kim) Hyung-joon said, “You can give me a score, so throw it comfortably,” he said, expressing his feelings about his first PS appearance.

He had a low ERA of 6.57 against SSG this season without winning or losing four games. In Incheon, he also had a 5.73 ERA without winning or losing three games in three games. There could be concerns because he showed a particularly weak performance against SSG.

“I paid a lot of attention to it. He tried to throw low to SSG hitters, including changeups, his main weapon, and analyzed opposing hitters more thoroughly than ever. That seems to have worked,” he said. 토토사이트

Lastly, he said to the fans, “The team atmosphere is so good right now. I will do my best to do well and go to a higher place,” he said, expressing his determination.

Meanwhile, NC predicted Song Myung-ki as a starter for the second round of the semi-playoff. In response, SSG will launch a counterattack with ace Kim Kwang-hyun.


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