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Park Hyun-kyung, who increased the driving distance, “I solved my homework I feel like golf has become easier.”

Park Hyun-kyung, who won the Doosan Match Play on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, is considered a star player with both skill and popularity.

With her pretty appearance and solid performance, she is loved by many fans every time she competes.

Park Hyun-kyung, who won four times until last year,’s main weapon was putting.

He was first in putting in 2021, second in 2022, and fourth last year.

The secret to Park Hyun-kyung’s ability to hold on to her wife’s 10th place in average strokes over the past three years, despite not being in the top 40 in green hitting percentage, which is closely correlated with average strokes, was her excellent green play.

One of the reasons why Park Hyun-kyung’s hit rate fell out of the top 40 was the short tee shot distance.

He has always ranked around 60th in driver shot distance for the past three years. If the tee shot distance is short, the green hit rate is low because you have to use a long club for the next shot.

However, a noticeable change occurred in Park Hyun-kyung’s record this year.

Before the Doosan Match Play, Park Hyun-kyung was ranked 34th (243.25 yards) in driver shot distance.

Compared to last year’s 57th place (238.3 yards), the distance has clearly increased.

Park Hyun-kyung confessed, “I gritted my teeth to increase my distance during training last winter.”

He said, “I thought it would be nice if I could go 5 to 10 yards further,” and “I thought I could hit the green from further back and putt in first from further away, but that wasn’t the case.”

Park Hyun-kyung devoted time and effort to increasing her distance during winter training for six weeks.

I focused on strength training without taking a single day off.

Park Hyun-kyung, who said, “I did strength training to break my body,” gained strength enough to raise the squat barbell weight to 100 kg.

As Park Hyun-kyung gained more muscle, her weight actually decreased.

Park Hyun-kyung, who started the season with a weight of 64 kg until last year and finished the season with a weight of around 60 kg, started this year with a weight of 62 kg.

Park Hyun-kyung said, “I feel stronger and less tired.”

As the training took effect, the driver shot distance increased by more than 10 yards.

Thanks to this increased distance, Park Hyun-kyung’s game this season was different from before.

The number of second shots hit with a hybrid club in par 4 holes has decreased significantly. Hyun-kyung Park handles hybrid clubs better than anyone else on the KLPGA tour, but there is a hidden truth that it is because she uses them frequently.

Park Hyun-kyung said, “I feel like golf has become a little easier.”

In the Doosan Match Play quarterfinals, Park Hyun-kyung met Moon Jung-min, a renowned long hitter on the KLPGA tour.

The driver shot distance, which used to be three or four clubs apart, has been reduced to about one club.

Park Hyun-kyung, who ‘golf has become easier than before’, beat Jeong-min Moon by 6 holes and advanced to the semifinals. She also faced slugger Lee So-young in the semifinals, but she won in a close match.

In the finals with Lee Ye-won, who has a similar playing style, Park Hyun-kyung was always ahead of Lee Ye-won in tee shot distance. She hit her second shot further forward with a shorter club.

Although Park Hyun-kyung’s win may not necessarily be due to the increased driving distance, it is true that Park Hyun-kyung’s golf has become much easier than last year.

Park Hyun-kyung said, “I solved my homework.”

When Park Hyun-kyung announced that her goal this year was to win a major tournament and win the grand prize, she had a strong backing of increasing distance. 고스톱


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