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Lee Kang-in explodes with 1 goal and 1 assist in the final game of the league PSG wins 2-0 against Metz

Assisted with the winning goal in the 6th minute of the first half and scored an additional goal in the 11th minute Get the highest rating

Lee Kang-in touching his head

Lee Kang-in of French professional soccer team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) led the team to victory by scoring one goal and one assist in the final match of Ligue 1.

In the 2023-2024 season Ligue 1 final 34th round away game held at the Stade Saint-Symphorien in Metz, France on the 20th (Korean time), PSG led the way with Lee Kang-in, who assisted the winning goal and was responsible for an additional goal in the first 11 minutes of the first half, 2-2 over Metz. Won with 0.

Lee Kang-in, who started as a starter, provided a lucky assist in the 6th minute of the first half.

Carlos Soler’s diagonal cross from the left was sucked into the goal, giving PSG the first goal, and Lee Kang-in, who played the left corner kicker, passed the ball to Soler, which was recorded as an assist.

Five minutes later, Lee Kang-in scored a goal himself.

When Marco Asensio passed a ground ball cross from the left, Lee Kang-in in front of the goal finished with his right foot to make it 2-0.

Lee Kang-in, who played full-time, finished the season with 3 league goals and 4 assists.

Adding 1 goal and 1 assist in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and 1 goal in the Tropez des Champions (French Super Cup), he recorded double-digit attack points with 5 goals and 5 assists in official games.

They achieved flawless results in their first season in France.

The team’s performance is also acceptable.

PSG, France’s ‘absolute powerhouse’, confirmed its victory in Ligue 1 early on, and also won the French Super Cup earlier this year.

Lee Kang-in’s challenge is not over yet.

PSG will play the French Cup final against Lyon at 4 am on the 26th.

PSG and Lee Kang-in, who were disappointed by being eliminated in the semifinals of the UCL, will challenge for their third trophy in the last game of the season, against Lyon.

PSG finished the league with 76 points with this victory.

Monaco was in second place with 67 points, and Brest was in third place with 61 points, earning the right to participate in next season’s UCL stage.

Footmob, a soccer statistics site, gave Lee Kang-in and Soler, who played very well with 1 goal and 1 assist on this day, the highest rating of 8.8 points across both teams.

Lee Kang-in recorded a 93% pass success rate, 100% shooting accuracy, 75% dribbling success rate, and 100% long pass success rate.

The one with a cross success rate of only 14% was ‘Ok-e-ti’. 섯다


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