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Arsenal are interested in Alexander Isak.

“Newcastle United star Isaac has been listed on Arsenal’s list of players who are planning to recruit a striker in the summer transfer market. Arsenal have announced that they will withdraw Brentford’s interest in Ivan Toney.”

Arsenal have Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah. Jesus, however, is always in danger of injury. He was on the operating table before the season’s opening and has been sidelined twice since then due to injury. Nketiah is a good striker, but it is a pity for Arsenal as they aim to win the title. Arsenal are planning to recruit a reliable striker.

There were rumors that he would be transferred to Arsenal as Tony. Tony is a proven striker in the Premier League. He scored 12 goals during the 2021-22 season, Brentford’s promotion season, and scored 20 goals last season, ranking third after Erling Holland and Harry Kane in the league.

However, he was found to have made illegal bets last season. For the past four years, he violated betting regulations 232 times. As a result, he was banned from playing until January next year as a disciplinary action. Even after returning from disciplinary action, he is still scoring as many goals as before. He has scored four goals in 10 league games this season.

It was a resource that Arsenal needed. Tony has also been positive about the move. Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European football transfer market, said: “Tony would prefer to go to Arsenal if he moved. I was told that Tony was really excited about the possibility of joining Arsenal.” However, it seems that as Brentford set a high price for Tony, Arsenal have shifted to another player. 사설 토토사이트

Arsenal are paying keen attention to Isaac. He is a 192-centimeter-tall striker. He is tall but not physically fit. Still, he plays his part in the front line with his ball possession ability and fast feet. Isaac is also responsible for Newcastle’s scoring goals as he boasts of finishing ability. Isaac has scored 16 goals in all of the tournaments this season.

Meanwhile, Newcastle is also planning to sell players. They are forced to sell players in order to comply with the Financial Fair Play Regulations (FFP). At the end of the season, they will decide the future of Isaac and Bruno Guimarães, who are receiving a lot of attention.


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