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Kim Min-jae’s first selection of a fellow new midfielder for the national team

Rookie Pavlovic, who made his Bundesliga debut in Bayern Munich this season, is expected to play in the German national team.

A former Bayern Munich youth, Pavlovic made his Bundesliga debut this season and has scored two goals in 13 Bundesliga matches. Pavlovic is one of Bayern Munich’s main midfielders this season and has also been listed on the German national team’s A-match list in March.

German media outlet Kicker said, “Pavlovic chose Germany. Serbia does not criticize Pavlovic from Munich,” adding, “It is no secret that the Serbian Football Association wanted to persuade Pavlovic to play for the Serbian national team. Serbia lacks talented midfielders.”

Pavlovic has a father and mother from Serbia. Born in Munich in 2004, Pavlovic has dual German and Serbian nationalities. Pavlovic has played for both Serbia and Germany’s youth teams.

Serbian coach Stojkovic said, “We have kept Pavlovic on the national team’s roster for two years. We have tried every way and have been in contact with Pavlovic’s family and agents since December last year. We have also had direct contact with Pavlovic. Under no circumstances should Serbs be angry about Pavlovic’s choice. We have not lost anything. We respect Pavlovic’s decision.”

Pavlovic has not played in the Bayern Munich first team. Pavlovic has shown tremendous growth this season and signed a professional contract with Bayern Munich in November last year, signing a contract until 2027. Pavlovic was called to play for the German national team based on his performances at Bayern Munich.

Despite the selection of the national team, Pavlovic will not be able to play in the warm-up match against France and the Netherlands on the 23rd and 26th. The German Football Association announced on the 20th that “Pavlovic cannot play against France and the Netherlands because he suffers from tonsillitis.” 토토사이트 순위


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