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Myung-Hoon Kim advances to the final of Maxim Coffee Cup

Kim Myung-hoon, 9 dan, will challenge for the top of the Maxim Coffee Cup.

Kim Myung-hoon won the second round of the 25th Maxim Coffee Cup semifinal match held at Korea Baduk TV Studio in Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu, in 157 moves by Bae Sang-il.

As a result, Kim Myung-hoon, who advanced to the final, beat Kim Seung-jae 9 dan on the 12th of last month to compete for the championship cup with Shin Jin-seo 9 dan, who arrived in the final.

Maxim Coffee Cup is a competition where only the 入 gods (an alias of 9 dan) participate.

Kim Myung-hoon, who entered the throne in March 2022, was eliminated from the quarterfinals in his first appearance in the 24th Maxim Coffee Cup.

However, in this tournament, he defeated even Bae Sang-il in the semi-finals to win the final ticket after defeating Lee Chang-seok, Na Hyun, and Won Sung-jin 9 dan.

Kim Myung-hoon, 9th dan, said, “I think there is a final winner left (in the final), but I will aim to win one round,” and “I think I will have a chance if it becomes 1-1.”

Shin Jin-seo and Kim Myung-hoon will face off for the second time in eight years and four months after the Let’s Run Park Cup Open Tournament in 2015.

In the Let’s Run Park Cup, Shin Jin-seo won the first all-round championship with two wins and one loss.

Shin Jin-seo is leading the game with 10 wins and 3 losses, with Shin Jin-seo winning six consecutive games recently.

The third round of the Maxim Coffee Cup final will be held at Baduk TV Studio on the 9th.

The second round will be held at Gonjiam Resort in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do on the 15th, and the final round will be held at Baduk TV Studio on the 16th if it becomes one-on-one.

The prize money for the Maxim Coffee Cup is 50 million won for the championship and 20 million won for the runner-up. 메이저사이트

The time limit is 10 minutes each with an additional time of 30 seconds.



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