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Golf Inc. ranked No. 1 for the second consecutive year in the U.S. golf industry
Approved 7700 stores and unique technology in 63 countries around the world

Kim Young-chan, Chairman of Golf Zone Newdin Group

Kim Young-chan, chairman of Golf Zone Newdin Group, was honored as the No. 1 “Most Influential Person in the Asian Golf Industry in 2024” released by the U.S. golf magazine Golf Inc.

Golf Inc introduced Kim Young-chan, chairman of the Golf Zone Newdin Group, who contributed greatly to the popularization of golf in Korea and the development of the global golf industry by introducing screen golf, which combines golf, IT, and culture to the world in its March and April issue published on the 25th of last month.

Golf Zone has been providing golf simulator products with unique technology to more than 7,700 screen golf stores across 63 countries, starting with its first overseas expansion in 2009, Golf Inc said. “44,000 golf zone simulators are in operation at home and abroad, and a total of 97 million rounds were conducted annually at home and abroad as of 2023.”

Chairman Kim Young-chan established Golf Zone, a screen golf venture company, in May 2000 and developed it into a golf zone Newdin Group, which operates businesses such as field golf, golf equipment distribution, and golf academy. Currently, Golf Zone Newdin Group continues to grow into a global golf platform company with about 2,400 employees at its headquarters.

Golf Zone established Golf Zone America, an American corporation, and serves as a base for developing markets and businesses to enter the American market through globalization strategies. In addition, it opened the first store of Golf Zone Social, a complex golf cultural space with a sports pub concept, at the Palisades Center in New York in February last year, and opened its second store in Skarsdale, New York in August, leading the golf zone social business model to promote aggressive investment and marketing in the American market.

Chairman Kim said, “We are honored to be able to be named an influential person every year, receiving the evaluation that Golf Zone has expanded its base by proudly entering the domestic as well as the world stage,” and added, “We will continue to try to develop creative technologies based on the unique technology of Golf Zone Newdin Group and contribute to the development of the domestic and overseas golf industry as a global golf platform company.” 토토사이트


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