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If Liu Bei has Zhuge Liang, Kim Joo-sung has a head coach Han Sang-min

Head coach Kim Joo-sung dominated professional basketball with both players and coaches. Behind coach Kim’s spectacular success, there was the power of supporting actors who silently supported him.

Wonju DB beat Suwon KT 107-103 after a neck-and-neck race to overtime at the sixth round of the 2023-24 season pro basketball held at Wonju Gymnasium on Wednesday. DB 38 wins and 10 losses, which has enjoyed seven consecutive wins, confirmed its regular league title regardless of the outcome of the remaining games. KT 30 wins and 18 losses fell to the third place.

With the victory, Kim Joo-sung became the fifth person to win the regular league title both as a player and a manager, following Kang Dong-hee, Moon Kyung-eun, Choo Seung-kyun and Jeon Hee-chul. As a player, Kim has achieved everything including two regular league MVPs, two championship titles, five regular league titles, three championship titles, and two Asian Games gold medals. He also heralded success as a leader.

“I’m so happy to win both as a player and a coach,” Kim said with a big smile. “When I was a player, I jumped up and down together, but now that I’m a coach, it’s too bad to run. Haha. If I win the combined championship, I want to play. I made a victory for a coach who lacked players.”

However, not all of these achievements were achieved by Kim alone. There were players who followed the training well, and the coaching staff and the front team’s efforts were added to the effort.

Han Sang-min, head coach of the SK Wyverns, is one of them. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a hidden player who transplanted SKs winning DNA and culture into the teams DB. During his 13 years at the SK Wyverns from 2009 to last year, Han had various experiences, including manager, power analysis, scout for foreign players and coach. Notably, Han is recognized for his outstanding leadership in analyzing rival teams` tactics and utilizing his players.

Whenever Kim has to make an important decision during a game, he listens to coach Han Sang-min’s advice first. Han Sang-min’s words, which he has experienced in all sorts of battles at SK, make up for Kim’s lack of experience.

“I don’t think I would have won the championship by myself. The coach cannot watch all 10 games on the bench alone. I am having fun communicating with coaches Han Sang-min and Lee Kwang-jae. Sometimes, they have heated discussions while talking about basketball and raise their voices. They listen to the coach a lot, catch him, and make strategies. They are passionate about basketball, and they put a lot of effort into it,” Kim said.

Coach Han Sang-min said, “We prepare and analyze about 20 tactics ahead of the tactical meeting. Here, there is a discussion on what tactics to use. The coach makes a final decision and cuts down to 3-4 tactics that he will use a lot.”

DB is a prestigious team that has won seven championships in the regular league. However, the current players have very little experience in winning a combined championship. Coach Han Sang-min’s winning experience at SK has been a great help.

Coach Han Sang-min said, “I heard that players only wore long pants to warm up. Soon after the regular season ends, there will be a time when players warm up in shorts. The real start is the playoffs,” aiming at DB’s unified victory.

DB, which won the regular league championship, will advance directly to the semifinals. Coach Kim Joo-sung also has assistance and assistance from coach Han Sang-min, allowing him to feel free to prepare for the semifinals no matter who comes up. 토토사이트

“Whatever team it takes, it’s hard. I’ve never beaten a top team. I have to be fully prepared. I have to watch the rest of the games,” Kim said, being wary of negligence.


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