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Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min confirmed to represent the 2024 Doha World Swimming Championships

The Korea Swimming Federation released the list of athletes to compete in the 21st Doha World Swimming Championships in 2024 on the 15th.

South Korea will send a total of 37 athletes and 11 leaders to five events, including management, diving, artistic swimming, open water swimming, and high diving, at the 2024 World Swimming Championships in Doha, Qatar, from February 2 to 19 next year.

“Korean athletes will participate in five of the six sub-sports, excluding water polo,” the federation said. “After deliberation by the Korean Swimming Federation’s Performance Improvement Committee, the team was determined based on the national team selection and operation regulations and the International Swimming Federation regulations.”

Hwang Sun-woo (Gangwon Provincial Government), Korea’s leading management player, is aiming to win a medal at the World Championships for the third time in a row in Doha.

Hwang Sun-woo ranked second at the 2022 Budapest Games and third in 2023 Fukuoka in the men’s 200m freestyle, becoming the first Korean swimming to reach the World Championship podium for two consecutive times.

In Doha, Hwang will compete in the 200-meter and 100-meter freestyle and the 800-meter relay team event.

Many of the world’s top athletes, including David Popovich (Romania), have given up participating in the Doha World Championships to concentrate on preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics, making Hwang Sun-woo’s chances of winning a medal even greater.

Kim Woo-min (Gangwon Provincial Government), who ranked fifth in the 400-meter freestyle in Fukuoka this year, is also trying to win his first world championship medal.

Kim Woo-min also won the right to compete in the 200m freestyle, but he decided to concede to Lee Ho-joon (Daegu Metropolitan City Hall).

In the men’s 800-meter relay, which Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min, Lee Ho-joon and Lee Yoo-yeon (Goyang City Hall) will play, Korea also expects its first medal in the team event at the World Championships.

Lee Ju-ho (Seogipo City Hall), Korea’s leading backstroke player, and Yoon Ji-hwan (Gangwon High School) are also notable players in men’s management.

Kim Seo-young (Gyeongbuk Provincial Government), who leads the women’s management, will also lead her juniors in the Doha competition.

In diving, a total of eight people, including flagship Woo Ha-ram (National Sports Promotion Agency) and Kim Soo-ji (Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall), will compete to secure tickets to the Paris Olympics in the individual competition and in the synchro where two people breathe.

Currently, there is only one athlete who has qualified for the Paris Olympics in Korean diving, Kim Young-taek (Jeju Provincial Government), a 10-meter platform.

The duo Heo Yoon-seo (Apgujeong High School) and Lee Erie-young (Busan Swimming Federation), who have worked together since 2022, are also preparing for the Doha Games to present their Olympic tickets to Korean artistic swimming duets 12 years after the 2012 London Olympics.

Men’s Park Jae-hoon (Seogipo City Hall) and Oh Se-beom (Anyang City Hall), women’s Park Jung-joo (Anyang City Hall) and Lee Hae-rim (Gyeongbuk Provincial Government) will participate in the open water swimming.

Choi Byung-hwa (Incheon Swimming Federation), the only high diver in Korea, will also perform at the Doha competition following Fukuoka at a height of 27 meters.

The Korean national swimming team entered the Jincheon National Training Center on the 11th and began strengthening training.

“We have achieved remarkable results at the Hangzhou Asian Games, but our athletes are focusing on winter training for our next goal,” Junghoon Lee said. “We will clearly show the presence of Korean swimming that is competitive in the world beyond Asia in Doha.”

Chung Chang-hoon, chairman of the federation, encouraged, “We hope that the prelude to the Paris Olympics, which is the most important for veteran athletes next year, will be a springboard for prospects to gain experience by watching world-class athletes on a bigger stage.” 안전놀이터


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