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Lee Ga-young of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour is the player who has accumulated the most donations of Dream With Buddy, who pays a certain amount every time she makes a birdie.

Lee Ga-young, who made an agreement to donate 20,000 won to one birdie, made 263 birdies this season and donated 5.26 million won.

Lee Ga-young has donated 11,273,000 won so far as Dream With Buddy, ranking first in cumulative amounts.

Usually, 10,000 won is agreed per birdie, but Lee Ga-young agreed to double the amount.

Lee Ga-young said, “If I have good grades, I don’t think it’s more burdensome because I donate more. I want to continue to participate in Dream With Buddy.”

Lee Ye-won, the prize money king, won the second place in this year’s Dream With Buddy donation.

Lee Ye-won, who promised to pay 10,000 won per birdie, will draw 315 birdies and donate 3.15 million won.

A total of 109 players, including 60 regular tours, 6 Dream Tours, and 44 Champions Tours, participated in Dream With Buddy this season.

The players who participated in Dream With Buddy made a total of 13,208 birdies and donated KRW 5,181 million.

SBS and MediHill added 100,000 won when a birdie appeared in a specific hole, raising 125.5 million won more, raising a total of 177.31 million won in Dream With Buddy donations.

KLPGA has entrusted this year’s Dream With Buddy to use the money to support young people preparing for self-reliance in World Vision. 먹튀검증


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