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Jose Mourinho explained why Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne left Chelsea.

British “Talk Sports” reported on the 18th, “Mourinho said Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne wanted to leave Chelsea, and admitted that the decision was the right one.”

Salah and The Bruyne, who dominated the Premier League from the late 2010s to the mid-2020s, once played for the same team. It was Chelsea. However, both players won promising titles and did not play enough.

Eventually, both players left the team. Salah moved to AS Roma and The Bruyne wore a Wolfsburg jersey for the German Bundesliga. As a result, their choice was just right. They continued to play at a time when they were growing up, laying the groundwork for them to rise to the world class ranks.

Both players are back in the Premier League (PL) stage. First of all, Salah entered Anfield in the summer of 2017. Salah became the king of Anfield. Salah led Liverpool to the first PL championship in 30 years and the UEFA Champions League.

She has scored her 200th goal. She scored her 200th career goal in a showdown with Crystal Palace on Sunday. She became the fifth-highest scorer in history, following Ian Rush (336 goals), Roger Hunt (285 goals), Gordon Hodgson (241 goals) and Billy Riddell (228 goals).

The Bruyne wore a Manchester City uniform in the summer of 2015. The Bruyne is considered the best midfielder in the PL. He scored six goals and 19 assists in 36 games based on the 2016-17 season. He scored 13 goals and 20 assists in the 2019-20 season, tying Thierry Henry’s record for most assists in a single season in the 2002-03 season. He also scored an offensive point close to the 22 goals and 14 assists Frank Lampard achieved in the 2009-10 season, winning PL Player of the Year and PFA Player of the Year.

He has shown sharp performance in every season, driving his team to win numerous championships. He also contributed to his team’s treble during the last season. As a result, The Bruyne won 16 trophies including five PL titles, two FA Cup titles, five EFL Cup titles and one Uefa UCL title.

These “monsters” once belonged to a team. However, Mourinho appeared on the Obi-One podcast run by John Obi-Michel and said honestly, “They left because they wanted to leave. They left because they didn’t want to wait.”

As a result, Mourinho also admitted that their success was right. He said, “History has proven that their choice was right. They have built such careers and reached such a high level. However, it may be because young players cannot wait, or they cannot wait calmly. Their careers may go in the wrong direction.”

He also shared a behind-the-scenes story. “People say to me, ‘I made you miss Salah.’ It’s the exact opposite. I recruited Salah. I was the one who told me to recruit Salah. I tried to go from FC Basel to Liverpool, and I had a fight to recruit him to Chelsea,” Mourinho said.

“To become a Chelsea player, there is a part where you have to perform or wait. He didn’t want to wait. He wanted to rent. And at one point, Chelsea made a decision. He left for Fiorentina and Rome on loan, which was not my decision,” he added.

He explained that the transfer of The Bruyne was similar. Mourinho said, “It was similar about The Bruyne. We went to Asia for a pre-season. We went to Indonesia and Thailand, and The Bruyne was going to send him on loan to a Bundesliga team.” 스포츠토토

However, Mourinho planned to use The Bruyne. “I don’t want to send him on loan. I want to be with him,” Mourinho said. “He started in the opening game of the league. But he wanted to leave after the Super Cup.”

In the end, he respected The Bruyne’s choice. Mourinho said, “When you’re in the same team as Chelsea, if you want to leave, leave. Another player will come up again. Salah and The Bruyne were just young players who couldn’t wait. Of course their careers tell us they were right,” adding, “But this is not my decision. Maybe someone else will say I kicked them out, but no.”



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