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RAFA Racing Club, a supercar club focused on driver development based in Houston, Texas, has partnered with SRO Motorsports Group to become a major partner in the SRO Esports Sim Pro Series powered by RAFA Racing.

With the partnership activated at CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa at the end of June, RAFA Racing introduced two wildcard entries to the esports sim pro series, which will be held on-site at the famous Panatek Stadium. It was a RAFA racing wildcard that made a big impression, reaching the top 10 in the overall rankings in the Assetto Corsa Competition, which competes with the world’s leading virtual racers and teams.

Wildcard entries will be added in the remaining two rounds of the 2023 SRO Esports Sim Pro Series powered by RAFA Racing. Held as an event and trackside from the upcoming rounds of Germany and Spain in the GT4 European Series powered by the RAFA Racing Club.

Anyone can participate and wildcard entries will be given to the competitors who earn the fastest time. At the end of the season, RAFA Racing will also launch its first ever e-sports team ahead of 2024.

The performance of all wildcard participants competing against the professional is closely monitored. All participants in the E-Sports Sim Pro Series will have the opportunity to showcase their skills. RAFA Racing’s attention-grabbing players will potentially be invited to test new esports teams.

If you want to be the first to hear about all upcoming e-sports opportunities with RAFA Racing, sign up for the RAFA Racing e-sports team mailing list.

Rafael Martinez, founder and president of the RAFA Racing Club, said, “It is an honor for the RAFA Racing Club to support talented individuals who look forward to progress in the world of sim racing. We are enjoying upgrading the Esports Sim Pro series with SRO as part of our new three-year contract, offering unforgettable competition to everyone involved.

“It’s also fantastic to see people participating in series races where our McLaren Trophy RAFA racing delivers cars in-game. While at Spa-Francochamp, track teammate Gem Hepworth commented on the Esports Sim Pro series, which really brought all the action to life for us. 바다이야기

“We want to officially launch the RAFA Racing esports team later this year. This team is very exciting for us and will provide opportunities for e-sports stars who are coming up with new initiatives.”



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