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Ulsan fined 10 million won for ‘exposing slanderous messages against opponents’

The Korea Professional Football Association 스포츠토토 held its 11th punishment committee on Friday and decided to fine Ulsan 10 million won in sanctions.

During the match against Jeonbuk in the 27th round of the K League 1 at Munsoo Football Stadium in Ulsan on March 19, while the referee was conducting a VAR on-field review, Ulsan broadcast a replay of the game scene that was the subject of the decision on its public address system.

In addition, during the pre-match on-field event broadcast, the content of a cheering message containing an insulting expression to the opposing club was exposed.

Article 25, paragraph 3, subparagraph 3 of the K League Baseball Competition Guidelines stipulates that “the home club shall display an image indicating that the VAR is being read until the end of the reading, and the replay of the relevant scene shall not be shown on the public address system. In addition, the disciplinary standards for each type of K League Penalty Code allow clubs to impose sanctions if they slander opposing clubs.




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