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Franco’s talent and thinking are the best ever, ML career virtually over

Shortstop Wanderer Franco (22, Tampa Bay Rays), who was expected to conquer the Major League based on his all-time talent, is expected to no longer continue his big league career.

Hector Gomez, who mainly reports on Latin American players, said on the 17th that an official who is familiar with Franco’s case said.

According to this, Franco is unlikely to play in the Major League again. It seems certain that he was involved in a recent controversial sex crime against minors.

The Associated Press also reported on the 17th that prosecutors in the Dominican Republic are investigating Franco-related cases. The details of the investigation are not yet known.

If Franco’s sex crime against minors turns out to be true, chances are high that he will be permanently expelled from the Major League. Because it’s not a common sex crime.

Franco signed with Tampa Bay in 2017 and swept the top spots of various promising rating agencies in 2020 and 2021. It marked the birth of a super-special shortstop.

Franco then made his major league debut in the 2021 season, signing an 11-year-182 million contract with Tampa Bay that winter. He gave a big contract to a player who played only 70 games.

Tampa Bay was convinced of Franco’s talent. Franco finished third in the American League Rookie of the Year poll after playing just 70 games that year.

However, Franco showed problems in the work-esik enough to face internal disciplinary action. He was often seen not doing his best during the game, and he habitually expressed his anger. 스포츠토토

Tampa Bay also suspended Franco in June. A bigger problem has occurred in the subsequent work than the equation. It is a sex crime involving minors.

Of course, if Franco’s allegations turn out to be true, Tampa Bay could break the contract. Therefore, there will be little financial loss.

However, the loss of the club and fans, who have been waiting for the birth of a superstar for years since the 2017 contract, will be difficult to calculate with money.


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