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The FA market for men’s professional volleyball has opened 17 players, including Han, will be announced

Han, Kim Kwang-guk, Noh Jae-wook, Kim Myung-kwan…The setters stand out

A large number of top men’s setters in the professional volleyball V-League have entered the free agent (FA) market.

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) announced the list of 17 players who have qualified as FA on the 5th.

In this FA market, many top setters have been released.

Veteran setter Han, who led Korean Air to win the championship, setter Kim Kwang-guk from KEPCO, and setter Noh Jae-wook from Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance have qualified as FA.

Setter Kim Myung-kwan, a former Hyundai Capital player, also qualified as an FA, but it is difficult to use it in the next season as he is planning to join the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit.

Han qualified for the fourth FA after 2013, 2018 and 2021.

Kim Kwang-guk is the third, and Noh Jae-wook is the second FA.

By club, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance had the largest number of FA. A total of five players were released, including Noh Jae-wook, outside heaters Shin Jang-ho and Son Hyun-jong, middle blockers Son Tae-hoon and Jeon Jin-sun.

In KB Insurance, a total of three players, middle blockers Kim Hong-jung and Koreans, and outside heater Hong Sang-hyuk, can move freely.

The FA negotiation period is from 5 to 18 days, and the scope of compensation depends on the grade of each player.

In order to recruit Group A players with an annual salary of more than 250 million won, 200% of the previous season’s annual salary and one of the five non-protective players must be paid as compensation players or 300% of the previous season’s annual salary must be compensated.

If you sign a contract with Group B FA, which received an annual salary of 100 million won to 250 million won, you will be paid 300% of the previous season’s annual salary.

If you recruit a Group C FA with an annual salary of less than 100 million won, you can pay 150% of the previous season’s annual salary.

Group A has five players (Han, Cha Ji-hwan, Kim Myung-kwan, Lee Simon and Noh Jae-wook) and Group B has 12 players (Oh Eun-ryul, Jeong Seong-gyu, Bu Yong-chan, Cha Young-seok, Kim Kwang-guk, Shin Jang-ho, Son Tae-hoon, Son Hyun-jong, Jeon Jin-sun, Kim Hong-jeong, Koreans, and Hong Sang-hyuk). Group C does not exist. 토토사이트

Meanwhile, Yeo Oh-hyun (45), Hyundai Capital’s playing coach, has exercised the most FA contract players in the men’s professional volleyball team a total of five times.


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