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The bloody battle between 3rd place Bucheon and 4th place Gimpo‘ended’ with a 0-0 draw

The bloody battle between Bucheon FC and Gimpo FC ended without scoring.

Bucheon and Gimpo tied 0-0 in the 31st round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ held at Bucheon Stadium on the 17th. The match, which drew attention due to the showdown between the third and fourth-place teams with 48 points, could not determine the outcome in the tight flow. Bucheon remained undefeated in six games and Gimpo remained in the rankings, satisfied with its unbeaten streak in three games.

Bucheon pulled out a 3-5-2 card. Choi Jae-young and Kim Ho-nam Kaz built the midfield in the two-top of Kim Bo-yong and Lupeta. Kim Sun-ho and Jung Hee-woong stood on the left and right. Lee Yong-hyuk, Nielsen Junior, and Lee Dong-hee made the three-back. The goal was defended by Lee Bum-soo. Gimpo also faced off 3-5-2. Lewis and Bae Jae-woo formed a two-top, while Seo Jae-min, Kim Yi-seok, Kim Jong-seok, Jang Yoon-ho and Park Kwang-il were located at the waist. Kim Tae-han, Park Kyung-rok and Cho Sung-kwon formed a three-back. Park Chung-hyo wore goalkeeper gloves.

Gimpo coach Ko Jung-woon, whom I met before the game, said, “Today’s game is very important. “I went to Yongin for five nights and six days during the break due to lack of living,” he said. Ko praised Bucheon’s performance. Coach Ko said, “I have been with coach Lee Young-min for a long time, and Bucheon is very good systematically. He gained confidence as he advanced to the playoffs last season. I can see that the team spirit is in place. So it doesn’t collapse easily. “We have the conditions of a strong team,” he said. “The advantage of Bucheon is the counter. They’ll hit us in the backspace and infiltrate. “We have nothing urgent to do, so we intend to protect it from behind,” he said.

The game is in the second half. Coach Ko said, “In the first half, Bae Jae-woo is quite active in defense. If I play a good role in the first half, I will put Juninho or Pablo in the second half to win the game. Compared to what I have, I’m also looking forward to Song Chang-seok, who hasn’t exploded yet,” he said.

Bucheon coach Lee Young-min said, “We are winning three consecutive games before the break, but the difference from below is not much wider. He said, “We are playing the league under a lot of tension, so the game is important on this day.” Coach Lee said, “Gimpo is a tricky team. It’s a team that plays really hard, so it’s not easy if anyone meets Gimpo, he said. “The situation can change depending on how you target Gimpo.” Gimpo did not respond well to what we prepared in the second showdown. “I think it will change a little depending on how the game is run every moment,” he said. Asked if he had prepared a special move, he smiled, saying, “Since we put mobility players in the front, it will be important how to pierce them.”

Regarding Ahn Jae-joon’s absence from the Asian Games, he said, “Jae-joon is an important player, but he was a serve until last year. “I hope there will be another star as big as Jae-joon,” he said with a smile. “I hope Kim Bo-yong, who started, or Kim Kyu-min, who sat on the bench, will come up while Jae-joon is not around.”

Both teams focused on not eating in the first half. He concentrated on strengthening his defense. In the process of counterattacking, the weight was placed on the back rather than increasing the number. In the 10th minute of the first half, Lupeta jumped in to catch the ball handed over by Neilson Jr. from the back. However, Kimpo’s defense was good. In the 14th minute, Nilsson Junier’s header hit the defense. Gimpo fired its first shot in the 25th minute of the first half. From a distance, Kim Jong-seok connected the free kick with a direct shot.

In the first half of the 36th minute, the closest scene to the goal came out for both teams. Kimpo’s Park Kwang-il scored a sharp corner kick from the right. Cho Sung-kwon connected nicely to the header. Goalkeeper Lee Bum-soo blocked it. Kim Tae-han jumped in for a rebound, but Lee Bum-soo blocked it again. Bucheon sought an opportunity with Jung Hee-woong’s wonderful breakthrough, but the finish was disappointing. Bucheon had one shot in the first half and no effective shot. Gimpo’s three shots were all connected to effective shots.

Both teams faced the second half without change. Gimpo fired first in the first minute of the second half. Kim Jong-seok’s cross from the right hit Lewis’ head. It was weak. In the 6th minute, Kimpo carried out the attack by owning the ball for a long time. Kim Jong-seok, who received Cho Sung-kwon’s forward pass, attempted to shoot from the front of the arc. He hit the defense and headed straight to the goalkeeper.

Bucheon and Gimpo made changes side by side. In the 10th minute, Bucheon put Kim Kyu-min except Kim Bo-yong, and Gimpo put Juningyo except Bae Jae-woo. Bucheon launched a counterattack. Choi Jae-young connected the ball given by Kaz in the 12th minute with a powerful mid-range shot. Slightly over the goalpost. In the 14th minute, Kim Ho-nam attempted a sharp cross in a counterattack situation. It was not connected to Lupeta and Kim Kyu-min.

Gimpo missed a crucial opportunity. In the 16th minute, Seo Jae-min scored a sharp cross from the left. Kim Jong-seok, who participated in the attack, attempted a volley shot from No Mark. Slightly off the goalpost. Gimpo changed two people in 19 minutes. Park Gong-il and Kim Jong-seok were excluded and Song Chang-seok and Kim Sung-min were added. In the 21st minute, Bucheon missed a decisive opportunity. Lupeta failed to catch the ball from the back, and the ball went to Kim Kyu-min. Kim Kyu-min hit a powerful right-footed shot. It hit the post and came out. Lupeta then tried to shoot, but it came up. 토토

Bucheon connected the header from a long distance in the 28th minute. Slightly off the goalpost, drawing a strange trajectory. Bucheon chose to change. In the 29th minute, Kim Ho-nam and Kim Sun-ho came out and Lee Eui-hyung and Park Hyung-jin went in. Park Hyung-jin fired a powerful left-footed shot as soon as he was put in. It went wrong. At the end of the second half, the two teams were hitting and receiving. A counterattack followed a counterattack. However, the ending was disappointing. It failed to overcome the strong defense of both teams.

Gimpo made the final move by putting Pablo and Lee Sang-hyuk in at the last minute. In the 45th minute of the second half, Kaz’s kick was connected by Neil Sonjunier with a header and a volley shot from the fallen ball, but it was far away. Lewis attempted a volley shot in a corner kick situation in Gimpo at the end. He got hit by the defense. The game ended in a 0-0 draw.


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