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PGA Tour lowers the threshold for college players Expansion of 3rd tour participation rights

Arbery entered the PGA Tour as the top ranked American university and won the PGA Tour RSM Classic.

The PGA Tour has further lowered the threshold for American college golf players to enter the PGA Tour.

The PGA Tour announced on the 13th (Korean time) that it has decided to grant the right to participate in all PGA Tour America matches, which is the third division tour, and exemption from the second qualifying round of the PGA Tour Qualifying School to players ranked up to 25th in the U.S. college first division league rankings.

This benefit was previously granted up to 20th place.

The PGA Tour also decided to provide the same benefits to the player ranked No. 1 in the second division college league, increasing the number of college players who receive the right to participate in the PGA Tour America Tour and exemption from the second qualifying round of the Qualifying School by six more.
After the launch of LIV Golf, sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF), the PGA Tour established a new policy called ‘PGA Tour University’ to prevent college golf players from advancing to LIV Golf. The threshold for players to advance to the PGA Tour has been lowered.

The incident occurred when Eugeno Chakara (USA), ranked second in the amateur world rankings in 2022, joined LIV Golf as soon as he graduated from the University of Oklahoma.

Ludwig Arbery (Sweden), who is likely to be the Rookie of the Year this year, won the ‘PGA Tour University’ Thanks to the policy, he entered the PGA Tour upon graduating from college. He was ranked No. 1 in the first division of American college golf.

“The player pipeline from college golf to the PGA Tour is growing,” said Brendan Doren, PGA Tour college director. “The best college players have already shown that they are ready to compete with the best.” He said. 19가이드03



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