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Pepper Savings Bank, which terminated its contract with manager Joe Tringe

Coach Joe Tringe of Pepper Savings Bank, a women’s professional volleyball team, is leaving the team with five games left in the regular season. People in and outside the volleyball community say that it is strange to terminate his contract with Joe Trinzee at a time when he has lost consecutive games, not when he was in the midst of losing consecutive games.

“We are in the process of terminating our contract with Coach Joe Trinzee,” a Pepper Savings Bank official said after attending a committee meeting at the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) on Monday regarding the controversy over bullying in our juniors. As there are still administrative procedures left, we will officially announce the decision after the administrative process is completed. The remaining five games will be played through the remaining season with senior coach Lee Kyung-soo as the acting coach. In the 2022-2023 season, Lee was also the acting coach when Kim Hyung-sil voluntarily resigned due to poor performance. Lee will serve as acting coach for two consecutive seasons. When Lee Sang-ryul voluntarily resigned as coach of KB Insurance, he was not acting coach, but he also led the team.

Ahead of this season’s opening, Pepper Savings Bank ambitiously sought to beef up its military capability. It recruited Park Jeong-ah, a national outside hitter who was considered one of the biggest players in the free agent market, and named Yasmin Bedardt, who led Hyundai E&C to 15 consecutive wins last season, as the second foreign player tryout. Lee Han-bi and Oh Ji-young, two former free agents, also sat down.

However, he made a mistake by not tying Lee Go-eun, the main setter, while giving up Park Jeong-ah’s compensation player, and when the Korea Expressway Corporation nominated Lee Go-eun, he gave Choi a first round pick in this season’s rookie draft to bring her back. Pepper Savings Bank’s first round pick became the top pick overall, and Kim Se-bin, who was the biggest rookie player, wore the Korea Expressway Corporation uniform.

Pepper Savings Bank continued its strange moves. Ahen Kim, who was appointed ahead of this season’s opening, left the team in June even before the start of the season and hurriedly hired Joe Trinzie. Trinzie did not have enough time to style himself.

Since the start of the season, the team has not had much impact on strengthening its performance. With disastrous performance, Pepper Savings Bank broke the record for the most consecutive women’s team wins in a row, and extended the new record to 23. Pepper Savings Bank, which joined the V-League from the 2021-2022 season by forming the 7th women’s team, has been ranked the lowest (ranked seventh) for three consecutive seasons.

Trinzie served as an analyst and coach for the U.S. women’s team from 2013 to 2016, contributing to the U.S. winning the title at the 2014 World Volleyball Championship, ranking No. 1 in World Grand Prix in 2015, and winning a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics. In 2021, she led the U.S. national team as the coach of the North-China-Caribbean Volleyball Federation (NORCECA) women’s championship. She also coached the Canadian women’s team in 019, and the Canadian men’s team in 2022.

Even with such spectacular specs, Pepper Savings Bank failed to block the bottom. In addition, the problem of bullying within the team has arisen. In other words, coach Trinzie did not even have a clear control over the team. The ending was a dismissal during the season. 안전 토토사이트

However, one question remains. The time to dismiss is when only five games remain in the regular season. Analysts say that if the coach was to be replaced, he should have been in the midst of losing consecutive games. Coincidentally, Pepper Savings Bank escaped its losing streak by beating Korea Expressway Corporation 3-2 on the 24th, after the team’s bullying scandal broke out. After escaping from losing consecutive games, Coach Trinzie reportedly expressed his intention to lead the team in the remaining games. In other words, Pepper Savings Bank’s announcement of termination of the contract to coach Joe Trinzie was made after escaping from losing consecutive games. This is why Pepper Savings Bank’s move this season is strange.


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