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Osmar Is Transferred To Seoul E-Land. Seoul E-Land

Osmar, who was the first foreign captain in professional soccer K League 1 first division FC Seoul, will head to Seoul E-Land in K League 2 second division.

Seoul E-Land said on the 10th, “We have recruited K-League Living Legend and Osmar.”

Osmar is a legend who joined FC Seoul in 2014 and has played only for FC Seoul since he was hired by Cerezo Osaka in the J-League in 2018. He became the first foreign player captain in FC Seoul’s history in 2016, and last season set a record for the most foreign players in Seoul.

Osmar scored 22 goals and 12 assists in 282 games in the K League. He played full-time in all games in the 2015 season and was named the best 11 in the K League in the 2016 season.

He can play both defensive midfielders and center backs, and his smart game management and passing ability are cited as his strong points. He also played in 35 games in the K-League last season.

Osmar seemed to be heading to the Keda club in Malaysia after the end of last season, ending his company with Seoul, but the situation was complicated when the transfer was suddenly canceled. Eventually, Osmar, who was looking for a new destination, signed a contract with the Seoul E-Land club and returned to the Korean stage.

Seoul E-Land has established itself as a big player in the transfer market when it hired Kim Do-kyun ahead of this season. Prior to Osmar, it has secured more experienced players, including Kim Young-wook and Kim Oh-kyu, to build stable power. It will seek promotion to the K-League 1 first division to mark the 10th anniversary of its foundation by banking on its new power.

“This year marks the 10th anniversary of the K-League. I came to E-Land, Seoul, to make a new history. I want to bring good performances to my fans. I can’t wait to meet my fans at the stadium,” Osmar said through his club. 배트맨토토


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