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“Now I’ll pass to you” Kim Byeong-cheol, who called himself Kim Seung-hyun’s ‘assister’

Best basketball stars Kim Byeong-cheol and Kim Seung-hyun

Kanbu. It is a slang term that is commonly used to mean ‘on the same side’ or ‘between people who can share everything no matter what.’ Even if she had everything in her life, would she be able to say that she lived well if she didn’t have lifelong friends with whom she could share healthy relationships? It is said that good human relationships have a positive effect on health. Introducing the ‘value of togetherness’ that blooms among Kanbu.

Former Orion coach Kim Byeong-cheol (right), a legend representing Korean basketball and considered the best partner, and Kim Seung-hyun met one day in December last year and poured out their friendship while reminiscing about their basketball lives.

When life is going smoothly and everything you do is going well, you can’t see your surroundings clearly. Wherever I go, I am welcomed and treated like a VIP, so I am less concerned about the people around me. People who approach me with all kinds of material attacks while praising me as the best blind me.

Life is not always easy for people. There are cases where people are purely mine, but there are also many people who approach me with impure intentions. The more famous I become and the more powerful I become, the more often I become afraid of meeting people due to being deceived and tricked by them. At times like that, I forgot about it for a while, but I also realize the true value of the old people who are always there.

For Kim Seung-hyeon (46), the legendary point guard who dominated an era with his amazing dribbling and extraordinary passing, Kim Byeong-cheol (51), the former coach of Orion (now Goyang Sono), the leading figure of the ‘older brother unit’ that led the golden age of basketball in the 1990s, is always in his place. He is a senior who is like my heart’s hometown. After going through all the fame, he came to his senses and found that the senior he had forgotten for a while was still by his side. 카지노사이트

The two worked together for nearly 10 years in Dongyang (Orion’s predecessor) and reached the peak of their basketball careers together. Their heyday as franchise stars was when Orion was at its most prosperous. As soon as Kim Seung-hyun caught the ball on the court, he looked for Kim Byeong-cheol, and Kim Byeong-cheol diligently ran through the empty space to receive Kim Seung-hyun’s pass. Fans of Daegu, Orion’s hometown, as well as fans who know something about basketball still remember and miss the duo’s combination play, which produced famous scenes just by making eye contact.

2002, when we became ‘us’ without a single ‘common denominator’
“I didn’t know Seunghyun was that fast. Orion had a few practice games with Dongguk University, which Seunghyun attended, but I didn’t have the sense of speed because I wasn’t in charge of defending Seunghyun. However, when Seunghyun joined Orion and was practicing, it was a real flash of light to catch the ball and hit it forward. “I usually don’t run fast when going on a fast break, but after Seunghyun joined, I started running really fast.”

The two, who are five years apart, also went to different schools. We had nothing to do with each other, but we met for the first time in Orion and became ‘us‘. Former coach Kim had already risen to stardom as a special shooting guard with accurate shooting and penetration ability during his time at Yongsan High School and Korea University. Among current and former basketball players, there are few who have nicknames or modifiers. During his middle and high school years, former coach Kim, who was evaluated as having ‘the greatest talent since basketball president Heo Jae’, was given the nickname ‘Peter Pan’ for his simple yet versatile use of basketball. Of course, Kim Seung-hyun knew former coach Kim, one of the main characters of the ‘oppa unit’ that turned the basketball court into a concert hall.

“After being selected by Orion (3rd overall pick) in the 2001 professional basketball draft, I immediately thought of Byeong-cheol. “I was curious before the draft about which shooting guard would be paired with me, a point guard, and it was an honor to meet him.”

In the 2000-2001 season right before Seung-Hyun Kim joined, Orion placed humiliatingly in last place (10th place). Former coach Kim served in the military at Sangmu and returned to the team that season, but he was unable to fix the poor performance and team atmosphere on his own. However, Kim Seung-hyun, who can make 100 per day, joined the team.

“Seunghyun, tell me honestly. You didn’t want to be on the last place team, right? haha.”

“no. “Do not conduct guided interrogation.” 슬롯사이트



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