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According to a series of U.K. media outlets on Wednesday, Nottingham has been given a four-point cut for violating the English Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules (PSR). Due to the penalty, Nottingham has 21 points, falling to the relegation zone of the 18th-ranked league, one point behind 17th-ranked Luton Town (22 points).

Nottingham was charged in January with breaching EPL profitability and sustainability rules. Nottingham has admitted financial violations but has actively defended himself based on possible circumstances, including selling Brennan Johnson to Tottenham last summer.

Nottingham received an offer of £30 million from Brentford and €50 million from Atletico Madrid early last summer related to Johnson’s transfer, but he thought the price would rise further if he waited until the second half of the transfer window, and moved for £47.5 million from Tottenham on September 1, but the transfer passed the deadline for Premier League profitability and sustainability rules on June 30.

Premier League clubs allow losses of up to £105 million over three years of 토토사이트 and up to £35 million each season, but promotion team Nottingham will be allowed up to £61 million in losses, adding up to £1 million in two seasons in the Championship and £35 million in the Premier League last season.

Nottingham referred to the Independence Committee

The league’s secretariat said, “Nottingham was referred to the Independence Committee on January 15 after admitting that he had violated the £34.5 million limit on profitability and sustainability, and decided on sanctions after a new Premier League rule and a two-day hearing. At the meeting, the club had an opportunity to clarify various mitigating factors and found out that they showed excellent cooperation in the Premier League transfer deal,” explaining why the disciplinary action was given lower than the eight-point cut originally claimed by the Premier League.

In the past, Everton were reduced to six points after 10 points were cut for overspending of £1.95 million, while Nottingham was reduced to four points after overspending of £34.5 million. The Independence Committee said it had decided to cut four points in consideration of Nottingham’s early appeal and cooperation.

However, Nottingham, which is on the verge of relegation with nine matches left in the league, responded that it was “very disappointed.” Nottingham called the delay in Brennan Johnson’s transfer a “close mistake,” but the committee concluded that “more efforts could have been made to complete Brennan Johnson’s transfer by June 30 with multiple teams showing interest, and missing the deadline more than two months could not be classified as a mistake.”

In response, Nottingham said, “There may be situations in which the transfer of players is not completed at the beginning of the transfer period and the transfer is completed at the last minute. This should not be a reason to criticize the club. It will be very worrisome for all soccer fans that the 안전놀이터 Committee or the Premier League do not recognize this.




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