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Massive cash jackpot at Table Mountain Casino

Table Mountain Casino’s Masib Cash Jackpot was randomly released this month, paying $92,649.31 to a lucky club member. Samantha from the nearby Clovis neighborhood drove straight to Table Mountain Casino so her mom could play bingo at the casino’s event center. Samantha was just sitting on her favorite penny machine, a geisha, when her machine locked and an exploding dynamite animation lit up the screen. Samantha knew what this interesting message meant because she was on Table Mountain several times when Masib Cash was released, but she couldn’t believe that this Masib Cash jackpot would be hers! When the reality was set that Samantha won this life-changing random jackpot, she said, “I feel excited and blessed.” She plans to use her winnings as a down payment for her house.

Table Mountain Casino President and General Manager Rob Goslin reiterated Samantha’s comments and said, “All of our team members and guests are incredibly excited about Samantha’s incredible cash jackpot win.” He continued, “Samantha has come to Table Mountain Casino for over a decade to play and win and we’re so excited to choose Table Mountain as her favorite casino.”

The Massive Cash Jackpot is a Player’s Club favorite, priced between $50,000 and $150,000, and is only found on slot machines at the Table Mountain Casino in Central California. When the Massive Cash Jackpot is awarded, the meter immediately resets to $50,000 and continues to rise to $150,000 or until the next Massive Cash Jackpot is released. Players Club members can win anywhere with between $50,000 and $150,000 in cash simply by playing with their club card plugged into their machine. No winning combination is required. The jackpot can be a huge success anytime, anywhere. No one knows when and where the giant jackpot will succeed. 온라인카지노사이트



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