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KCC’s choice to sever ties: four months and thirty minutes

The KBL held a board meeting today (Nov. 30) and approved a change in KCC’s affiliation. The new location will be Busan and the home stadium will be Sajik Gymnasium. There were no objections from other teams. KT, which left Busan two years ago, did not have any objections. The board meeting was over in 30 minutes.

KCC made the “decision to part ways” with Jeonju in April. That’s just four months ago. That’s when Jeonju expressed its reluctance to build an indoor gymnasium, which was supposed to be completed in December 2023.

While the new gym was being delayed, Jeonju started a new project. With government funding, the city is building a new track and field and baseball stadium on the site of the Jangdong Complex Sports Town. This included the site of Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium, the home of KCC and owned by Chonbuk National University. To make the project happen, Chonbuk University and the city of Jeonju asked KCC to vacate the gymnasium by 2025.

This was an unacceptable demand, and in June, KCC began to seriously consider relocating the stadium. Among the various municipalities, Busan emerged as the leading candidate. Busan Mayor Park Hyung-joon, who has been outspoken in his support, even going so far as to say that he “actually enjoys basketball.” The city also agreed to coordinate collaboration with the women’s professional basketball leagues BNK and WKBL, which already use Sajik Gymnasium. KCC, which had been hurt by its old local government (Jeonju), accepted the proposal of the new local government (Busan) that reached out first.

“The postponement of the demolition of the Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium will allow KCC to continue to stay in Jeonju, and the new gymnasium can be completed by 2026,” Jeonju City explained in an official statement. “As a local government, we offered the best solution to the club, but the KCC side completely closed the window of communication and decided to relocate the club without prior discussion,” it said.

KCC President Choi Hyung-gil said, “The most worrisome and heartbreaking part of the move was the fans of Jeonju who have supported us for 22 years,” and bowed his head, saying, “The only thing I can say now is that I’m sorry.”

The city of Jeonju also expressed its regret, saying, “We apologize to the citizens and fans who will be upset by the decision to move the KCC basketball team.”

Both Jeonju and KCC have apologized to their fans, but in the end, it’s the fans who have to bear the brunt. Jeonju lost trust by making promises they couldn’t keep, and KCC never looked back as even their players were told they were headed to Busan.

The glittering history of three championships no longer belongs to Jeonju. The national team lineup, including superstar Heo Woong, is also leaving Jeonju. Coach Lee Sang-min, the “Eternal Big Brother,” will be welcomed by the Busan crowd instead of Jeonju fans.

The KCC of Jeonju, 먹튀검증토토사이트 the most popular franchise in professional basketball for over 20 years, is no more.


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