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‘Broomstick Putter’ by Jin Ho Choi “I would have won more if I had used it earlier”

Choi Jin-ho, who has eight wins on the Korean Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour, has been using a broomstick putter since last year.

The broomstick putter is as long as a driver, and its stroke is said to be like using a broomstick on the ground.

Choi started using the broomstick putter at the Gunsan CC Open in August last year.

He has been using the broomstick putter for a year now.

The broomstick putter has been his salvation.

After accumulating seven career wins through 2017, Choi hadn’t won in more than four years since 2018.

He was hitting shots, but struggling to putt.

Then last year, he got his hands on a broomstick putter.

At first, he used it as a practice tool to improve the rhythm of his putt stroke, but then he decided to try it in practice at the Gunsan CC Open.

The greens at Gunsan Country Club, where the tournament was held, were slow and in poor condition, so he decided that it wouldn’t make much difference which putter he used.

While the Gunsan CC Open didn’t have much effect, Choi realized the benefits of the Broomstick putter.

He continued to use the Broomstick putter at the Shinhan Donghae Open to get a feel for it, and then won his third tournament with the Broomstick at the Biz Play Electronics Open.

With eight career wins in five years, Choi has become an evangelist for the Broomstick putter on the KPGA Korean Tour.

“When I won the first round of the KPGA Korean Tour LX Championship (total prize money of 600 million won) at The Heaven Country Club (Par 72) in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, on the 31st, I shot a 7-under-par 65 to take a share of the lead,” Choi said. “I think other players’ interest in the Broomstick putter has increased because I won while using it, even though my putts were not very good.

“A lot of players ask me about the Broomstick putter and ask for advice,” he said, adding, “They even ask our supplier Peter.”

On this day, he also benefited from his putts.

“It was raining, so the rough around the greens was tough. I thought I would be in trouble if I missed the green while aiming for the pin, so I attacked the green safely with the strategy of winning with my putts.”

That’s how confident he was in his putting.

Choi’s strategy paid off, as he made seven birdies without a bogey. “Tomorrow, it’s the same strategy. I will compete with my putts,” he said.

Choi expressed his satisfaction with the broomstick putter, saying, “If I had used it earlier, I think I would have won more.” 토토사이트


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