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Lim Dong-hyuk dreams of becoming the first player to win four consecutive games in a row

Korean Air’s Apogit Spiker Lim Dong-hyuk 25 is the top striker in the men’s V-League, which is recognized by others. Until now, Apogit Spiker has been recognized as a position of foreigners, but Lim has established himself as a “native Apogit Spiker” by ranking first 56.02 percent in attack success rate in the regular “Dodram 2023-2024 V-League.” Now, Lim’s focus is on his team’s “first four-game winning streak.”

After his debut in the 2017-2018 season, Lim Dong-hyuk watched his team achieve three consecutive victories. It was difficult to establish himself as the main Apogit Spiker in Korean Air, a “traditional master,” but he became even more solid in the process. He said, “I spent every season thinking about not being proud but increasing my self-esteem. I have coexisted in both my periods as a main player and periods when I have never even competed, but I think I have achieved my goals at every crisis.”

Ranking No. 1 in the regular season for four consecutive seasons is meaningful to both Lim and Korean Air. However, this season had more difficulties than in the past. Foreigner Lincoln Australia packed up due to injury, while substitutes Murad Pakistan showed less-than-expected performance and was replaced by Maksim Russia.

Lim Dong-hyuk’s burden increased as his support as a foreign striker disappeared, but he emphasized more responsibility. The driving force behind Korean Air’s victory against Woori Card at the end of the regular season is also Lim’s sense of responsibility, as he pushed ahead with his participation despite his foot injury. “Coach Tommy Tilikainen dissuaded me from participating, but he was very supportive of my commitment. I was in a bad condition, but I tried to attack with my technique rather than strength. I will try to play in 100% physical condition in the championship game best of five games.”

Maksim has newly joined the team, but if Korean Air wants to laugh in the championship match, Lim Dong-hyuk must ultimately burst out. Lim is also well aware of the team’s expectations. He is only thinking about how to break the opponent team’s blocking and deg line from the first round of the championship match against OK Financial Group, which will take place at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 29th. “My team members are looking at me first this season, and I am also actively helping them on the bench. I will do my best to repay this belief,” Lim said. “Our team can win only when Apogit Spikers burst out. I will definitely smile at the end as we are having a fun season.” 메이저사이트


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