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Bayern Munich, where Kim Min-jae started in five games, lost two consecutive games.

Munich suffered a 2-3 upset loss to Heidenheim in an away match in the 28th round of the 2023-24 Bundesliga at Foyt Arena in Heidenheim, Germany, on the 6th.

Munich 60 points, which has lost two consecutive games in the league, has now a wider gap with Leverkusen 76 points. Rather, it is now facing a situation wherein it has to contend with Stuttgart 60 points. In contrast, Heidenheim 33 points, the promotion team that captured Munich, ranked 10th.

The atmosphere at the beginning of the game was up to Munich. Within 10 minutes of kick-off, Harry Kane led the way with the first goal. Kane gave Munich the lead with a simple finish of the ball that Serge Nabri kicked and handed it over. It was the scoring scene where Kim Min-jae’s forward pass began.

Munich ran away one more step just before the end of the first half. In the 45th minute of the first half, Alfonso Davis’ cross was scored by Navri with a header.

The game, which seemed to be leaning toward Munich, fluctuated in the second half. Five minutes into the second half, Heidenheim announced the chase. After two touches, starting with the goalkeeper’s long kick, Kevin Sessa took a one-on-one opportunity and calmly kicked it.

Munich shook sharply, and Heidenheim took the mood. A minute later, Heidenheim’s equalizing goal was scored. A long ball from the left side passed Kim Min-jae and connected to Tim Klyndinst. Klyndinst fell and balanced it.

Munich eventually allowed the reversal. In the 34th minute of the second half, Heidenheim started a counterattack by tearing down the right side. A sharp penetration pass headed to the central space of Kim Min-jae, who was away to cover the side. Marvin Pierlinger connected to the center and Kleindinst lightly pushed it in and scored an upset goal.

Munich, which failed to maintain a two-goal advantage over the promotion team Heidenheim, has a slimmer chance of winning the title. With six matches left in the league, the gap with Leverkusen widened to 16 points. In reality, the team is competing with Stuttgart for the second place.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae had the chance to start in five official matches after the match against Freiburg on April 2 and four in the league. According to Football Statistics magazine “Foot Mob,” Kim Min-jae played full-time and recorded 90 percent pass success rate, 20 percent long pass success rate 1/5, 75 percent tackle success rate 3/4, 100 percent ground competition win rate 5/5, and 67 percent in aerial ball competition win rate 6/9. “Foot Mob” gave Kim 7.3 points, the third highest in his team. 스포츠중계

However, local media in Germany gave Kim six points for his performance. The higher the number, the more sluggish he is. This means that he was the most underperforming among Munich players. Another media outlet, “Barbarian Football,” mentioned Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano’s poor performance, saying that Munich’s defense makes the same mistake. “We may need to look at a more fundamental cause,” adding that it may not be an individual’s problem.


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