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The Busan KCC is the team that boasts the highest level of firepower. It ranked second 88.6 points in the regular league scoring category. There are not many teams that can match the early offensives of Huh Woong, Choi Jun-yong, Song Kyo-chang, and Alize Johnson.

However, his weaknesses are clear, too. It is defense. In terms of defense factors, he ranks ninth 87.5 points in lost points and 10th 9.5 points in allowed three-point shooting, ranking among the lowest in the league. This is the starting point for the Seoul SK Wyverns, who will have a showdown with KCC.

The SK Wyverns will have its first round home game of the semifinal playoff against KCC on Friday. Earlier, Oh Jae-hyun expressed his will to attack Ra Gun-ah, the opponent team’s weak defender, at the playoff media day on Sunday.

Oh Jae-hyun said, “I talked with Kim Sunhyung. D As Gunah’s side is the weakness of defense, Sunhyung will attack with explosive speed. As the opponent team plays a lot of dropback defense, I think it would be helpful if we attack with a mid-range game. We talked a lot about this after the last showdown.”

Not only Ra Gun-ah who guards under the basket but also the outside defense is a problem. Oh Jae-hyun said, “I definitely felt that KCC’s outside defense was weak. Of course, he has good offense, so that weakness seems to cover up. From our point of view, it will be very important how well we can attack sloppy defense.”

For KCC, controlling Jamil Warney is the most important point. Coach Jeon Chang-jin and Huh Woong also expressed their commitment to Warney’s defense during the media day. Oh Jae-hyun, who is relatively less likely to have a chance on the outside. He is more ready than ever to throw a three-point shot. “Before, I couldn’t throw a shot if I didn’t get two to three shots in the shot. Now I don’t care at all. Now I can throw a ball comfortably. He also has good timing for shooting,” he said.

Oh has been named the best defense award of the 2023-2024 season. Oh Jae-hyun, who has the best defense capability, is expected to stop Heo Woong in this series. “The analysis has not been released yet, but I think I will block it,” he said. “I have confidence. There is also Choi Won-hyuk behind me, and I have many people to help me. If I focus on myself, I think it will be easier to win.”

“He can break through, shoot well, and is versatile. Mid-range games are also possible. He is definitely a tricky player to block. Still, in a way, it would be fun for me to block the best guard in the KBL,” he said. 안전놀이터


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