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KB’s departure ceremony with ‘600 full seats + various events’ fans

KB completes a successful kickoff ceremony.

Cheongju KB held a departure ceremony for the 2023-2024 season at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 21st. To celebrate the club’s 60th anniversary, the team recruited 600 participants and sold out 600 seats.

KB organized various events for fans. For the younger fans, they appointed Robocop Poly’s Amber as a new member. They also delivered heartfelt letters from young fans to the team under the name “Twinkle Starlight Letter” and held a balloon release event.

In response, a KB representative said, “All fans are important, but young fans are also very important. We organized this event to give them better and more meaningful memories.”

There were also welcome gifts for fans. The KB team provided limited edition mufflers to all fans who participated in the departure ceremony.

In the first part of the program, we played a practice game against Cheongju Xinxing High School. At halftime, we held a ‘9 to 6’ shooting event.

The second half started with a performance by the KB team. The KB team performed a dance by singer Stay as they entered the stadium.

KB coach Kim Wan-soo said, “It’s been eight months since we’ve seen our fans. The players have been preparing a lot, so I hope they have a good time and make good memories,” he said, thanking the fans.

He continued, “You supported KB last season. But we showed a lot of disappointment. This season will be different. We’re back and healthy. We will be able to achieve our goal of winning the overall title. We had seven months of off-season preparation without any major injuries. We knew we had to show that we were stronger, more muscular and able to overpower our opponents. We will show our fans a better version of ourselves.”

Captain Yoon-ah Yeom also said, “I’m the captain again this year. I did a good job preparing for the offseason with the players. I hope you will come to see us this season. I hope we can get to know each other and communicate well from now on. I will show you a good performance.” She left a greeting.

“We had a disappointing season last year. But the fans gave us a lot of strength. This time, we will give them more strength.”

Team aces Park Ji-soo and Kang Isul also had a few words to say. Park Ji-soo said, “I made a strong comeback last season, but I was out for the season due to a finger injury. This time will be different. I’m going to stay healthy and play all the games,” while Kang Seul said, “The team has changed a lot and the players have grown. I’m looking forward to this season. We will make it a great and fun season like last year.”

Newcomers Kim Ye-jin and Lee Chae-eun also took the time to greet the fans. Kim said, “I’m looking forward to it. I want to be an endorphin for the team,” said Kim. Lee Chae-eun said, “I came here thinking about winning. There are a lot of good players on the team, so I want to contribute.”

Ko Hyun-ji and Sung Soo-yeon, who joined KB through the 2023 WKBL Rookie Player Selection, also made an appearance. “When I came to KB, I was happy to receive more support than other teams. As a rookie player, I will be passionate and diligent to help V3,” he said. Sung Soo-yeon said, “I was happy to play with my high school seniors, (Kim) Min-jung and (Kim) Ye-jin.” Afterward, the two players performed HOT’s “Candy” at the dance signing ceremony.

Next up was a Q&A with the players. The players answered the questions as best they could and entertained the fans. In particular, Kim Wan-soo made a bombshell remark, “I hope (Park) Ji-soo has a boyfriend,” which caused laughter. When asked, “Which player would you like to introduce to your brother or 사설토토 younger sibling?”, Lee Sung-hyun replied, “(Heh) No, I don’t think so. They make good money,” he wittily replied.

There was also a special performance for the departure ceremony. Cheongju Breakin Dance Team ‘Brand New Child’ put on a great show and entertained the fans and the team.

The last part of the ceremony was the fan signing session. We held a fan signing session for all participants. KB had a great time interacting with the fans.


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