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“K League 2 No. 1” Gimcheon, E-Land’s home game continues to win consecutive games

Sangmu Kim Cheon decorates the home game against Seoul E-Land FC as a beer festival on the 15th.

The Gimcheon Sangmu Professional Soccer Team will play a home game against 26R Seoul E-Land FC in the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ at 7:00 pm on the 15th at Gimcheon Sports Complex .

Kim Cheon is currently on a 5-game winning streak at home. With a record of 7 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses at home, they rank first among 13 teams with a home win rate of 72.7%.

Kim Cheon’s recent record after taking over as coach Jeong Jeong-yong is also noteworthy. In the 9 games coach Jeong Jeong-yong sat on the bench, he recorded 7 wins and 2 losses,
jumping to first place. In the middle, they were caught by Gimpo and Anyang, but all of them were away games, and
after the appointment of coach Jeong Jeong-yong, they won all at home.

Head coach Jeong Jeong-yong said, “For the fans who support us at home, we will definitely win the match against Seoul E-Land and continue our winning streak.
Some people say that it is Jeong Jeong-yong’s derby, but it is not burdensome. Rather than worrying about such things,
achieving a team win streak comes first, so I will work hard to win.”

Head coach Jung Jeong-yong decided to invite 50 children from the Aehyang Welfare Center to the home stadium by buying and donating ticket books to repay the passionate support of the home fans . 토토사이트


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