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Jeju Island sent an official letter of concern about ‘insensitivity to safety’ about an hour before kickoff, and the Football Association accepted, Where is the ‘field’ voice

One ‘official letter’ led to the postponement of the semifinals of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup.

Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 9th, when the FA Cup semi-final between Jeju United and Pohang Steelers was scheduled to be held. The variable was Typhoon No. 6 ‘Kanun’. According to the original forecast, ‘Kanun’ would be closest to Seogwipo, Jeju, around 9:00 pm on the same day.

The officials who grasped this already came out to the stadium from 2:00 pm, 5 hours and 30 minutes before the start of the game, to examine the situation. They agreed to decide whether or not to proceed with the game around 4:30 p.m. And the officials who gathered again at 4:30 confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the progress of the game. There didn’t seem to be any major problems with the game. So was the actual weather. It rained lightly, but the wind wasn’t as strong as usual in the arena.

However, the atmosphere changed about an hour and 20 minutes before the start of the game. After the starting lineup of the two teams was announced, the story of “acting” rose again ahead of a pre-interview. Jeju Island came out on its own. Jeju Island sent an official letter to the Korea Football Association and both clubs at around 6:10 p.m. In the official letter, Jeju Island emphasized pan-governmental prevention caused by typhoons and requested a postponement of the game, citing concerns over promoting “safety insensitivity.”

Pohang away fans who stay at the stadium after deciding to postpone.

With the official letter, game supervisors, officials from the Korea Football Association, and officials from both teams gathered again to “re-discuss” whether to postpone it. In the end, the postponement was decided in a surprise move less than an hour before the game. Kim Yong-soo, vice chairman of the Korea Football Association’s referee, and other association officials also came to the stadium to watch. The Korea Football Association eventually accepted the postponement due to concerns and requests from local governments. The field appealed several times that there was no problem with the game, but it was useless.

In fact, local governments’ concerns led to the postponement of the game without reflecting the on-site voice. In fact, the two clubs, Jeju and Pohang, had nothing to do. When the postponement was confirmed, a small amount of rain fell in Seogwipo. At the scene, some even said, “It’s less windy than usual.” 스포츠토토

Even after the postponement of the game was confirmed, the weather did not change much. The Pohang team finished training without difficulty, and it was quiet until after midnight. Jeju coach Nam Ki-il and head coach Kim Ki-dong, who are involved, also said, “As I play soccer for a long time, I go through this. It’s a bit futile. Still, shouldn’t we accept it?” He tried to press down on his despondency and regret.

In the end, the damage was caused by soccer fans and two clubs. Pohang entered the country two days ago to prepare for the semifinals of the FA Cup. No one can compensate for the cost and time involved. In particular, Pohang fans could not accept the postponement of the FA Cup and stayed there for a while.

The “safety insensitivity” mentioned in the official letter by Jeju Island refers to the attitude of responding comfortably with the idea of “I won’t” or “I’ll be fine” even if I sense danger is detected. The “safety insensitivity” needs to be looked back on who caused it.


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