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Incheon Metropolitan Government defeats Gwangju Urban Corporation 24-23

Incheon Metropolitan Government keeps its hopes of finishing fifth alive with a win over Gwangju City Corporation.

Incheon Metropolitan Government defeated Gwangju City Corporation 24-23 on Friday in the sixth game of the third round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H League Women’s Division at the Gwangju Light Goeul Gymnasium in Seo-gu, Gwangju, South Korea.

With its second consecutive win, Incheon Metropolitan City maintained its sixth place with 15 points from six wins, three draws and 11 losses. It trails Busan Facilities Corporation by one point and will decide fifth place in the final match. Gwangju City Corporation, which suffered its second straight loss, secured seventh place with six wins, one draw and 13 points.

Incheon Metropolitan Government was able to capitalize on their early offense to take the lead. On the other hand, Gwangju City Corporation struggled to score due to mistakes in the early stages and suffered a heartbreaking one-point defeat.

In the first half, Gwangju’s mistakes cost them the game, and Incheon Metropolitan Government took advantage of goalkeeper Lee Ga-eun’s saves and active offense from the wings to take a 6-1 lead.

Gwangju’s offense was not easily revitalized, and Incheon increased its lead to 9-3 after a powerful shot by Lee Hyo-jin. Gwangju cut the deficit to 9-6 when Kim Ji-hyeon hit a shot.

Incheon increased the gap to 11-6, but Kim Ji-hyun scored back-to-back goals to end the half with an 11-8 lead.

In the second half, Gwangju got within one point, but a miscue allowed the gap to widen again, giving Incheon a 18-14 lead.

Gwangju started the match with seven players attacking, including the goalkeeper. Seo’s attacking efforts brought the score to 21-20, but Incheon never gave up the lead and took a one-point lead to win the game 24-23.

Incheon Metropolitan Government was led 스포츠토토 offensively by Lee Hyo-jin with seven goals and Shin Eun-ju with six, while goalkeeper Lee Ga-eun made nine saves.

Gwangju City Corporation was led offensively by Kim Ji-hyun with eight goals and Seo Aru with five, while Park Jo-eun made 10 saves. Kim Ji-hyun reached 200 career assists.

Shin Eun-ju was named MVP after her quick play on the wing and through the air in the early going to lead Incheon Metropolitan Government to victory. “There were three teams fighting for fifth place, and I’m glad we won this game because I think it gave us a chance,” said Shin.

“We haven’t beaten Seoul Metropolitan Government yet, so we will prepare to win unconditionally,” she said about the final match against Seoul Metropolitan Government.

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