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The Hanshin Tigers of the Japanese professional baseball (NPB) succeeded in advancing to the Japanese Series for the first time in nine years with a come-from-behind victory in three consecutive games.

Hanshin beat Hiroshima Toyokaf 4-2 in Game 3 of the Climax Series Final Stage at Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan on the 20th. Hanshin, who won three consecutive games, reached the Japan Series with four wins and no losses, including one win in the Central League’s first-place advantage in the regular season.

Hanshin came from behind to win all three games in the series. In the first game on the 18th, Hanshin gave up the first run and came from behind to win 4-1. The second game on the 19th also tied the game 1-1 after giving up the first run, and won a thrilling walk-off come-from-behind victory with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Hiroshima also took the lead in the third round. After two outs in the top of the fourth inning, Shogo Sakakura’s RBI timely hit was made in the first and third base chances created by Takashi Uemoto’s double and Shogo Akiyama’s infield hit.

Hanshin immediately succeeded in counterattack in the bottom of the fourth inning. With Takumu Nakano’s hit and Yusuke Ohyama’s walk, Sheldon Noisy hit a timely hit that fell in front of right field. In the following first and third base chances, Sakamoto Seishiro made a 2-1 turnaround with a timely hit that separated the 3-way gap.

Hiroshima did not back down. Hit by Ryosuke Kikuchi and Kaito Kozo no created a chance for first and third bases with one out, and Shota Tobayashi brought in a third base runner with a sacrifice fly to left field to tie the game 2-2.

However, Hiroshima’s score was over. After two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning, Hanshin created a first and second base chance with a hit by Teruaki Sato and a walk by Noiji, and Sakamoto hit a lucky timely hit between second base and right field with a missed hit to take the lead 3-2.

Hanshin created a chance to score with one out and second base with a sacrifice bunt by Ryuhay Obata following a hit by Seiya Kinami in the bottom of the seventh inning. Hiroshima chose to filter Koji Chikamoto with an intentional walk, but even the next batter, Nakano, walked on base to load the bases. Hanshin ran away to 4-2 with Morishita Shota picking out another walk and pushing it away.

In the top of the ninth inning, Hanshin closer Suguru Iwasaki walked to Takayoshi Noma and gave a hit to Kozono after one out, putting him on the verge of first and second bases. However, he was no longer shaken, striking out Tobayashi with a swing and miss, and dealing with Ryoma Nishikawa with a fly ball to left field to keep his victory.

With three consecutive Climax Series wins, Hanshin has advanced to the Japanese Series for the first time in nine years since 2014 when Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung Lions) played as a guardian deity. Hanshin, whose club’s only record of winning the Japanese Series stopped in 1985, is running toward the first integrated championship in 38 years. 토토사이트


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