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‘Goodbye Munich’ Tuchel’s heart is in England…talks open with Man Utd

Thomas Tuchel, who announced his parting of ways with Bayern Munich, has already held talks with Manchester United.

“Tuchel’s team has opened talks with Manchester United about a move to Old Trafford,” Germany’s Bild reported on Sunday (Aug. 17), the day after the player announced his departure from Bayern Munich following a breakdown in negotiations.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the 2023-24 Bundesliga final against Hoffenheim, Tuchel said: “Today is my last press conference at Bayern Munich. We have had discussions in recent weeks that could bring us together, but we have not reached an agreement. I can’t go into details here, and I stand by my decision to leave in February.”

Tuchel’s comments quickly spread across Bayern Munich’s official channels, as well as global portal Yahoo, the UK’s Evening Standard, and Germany’s Sky Sports. “Tuchel has finally decided to leave Bayern Munich,” they reported.

Tuchel has been linked with Manchester United since Bayern Munich announced their parting of ways in February. “Tuchel wants to return to the Premier League,” Sky Sports’ German reporter Christian Falk said on February 22, “and he’s always been interested in Manchester United. He has always been interested in Manchester United. He will be looking for a new challenge this summer.”

Steve Bruce, who played 309 games for Manchester United between 1987 and 1996 and is considered a “United legend,” also nodded his head. “Tuchel would be a great fit at any club,” Bruce said. It was too harsh for him to be sacked by Chelsea in the first place. The same goes for Bayern Munich. Any manager can’t stay at Munich after three consecutive defeats.” “Tuchel is a good manager. That’s for sure. It’s purely speculation on my part, but I think Tuchel will move to Manchester United. He is a very talented person. I’ve said this many times.”

Tuchel’s Manchester United links bolster the chances of Manchester United sacking manager Eric Tenakh.

Since taking over at United in the 2022-23 season, Tenakh has led the Red Devils to victory with his unique style of leadership and attacking soccer. They finished third in the Premier League and qualified for the UEFA Champions League. They also won the EFL Cup and had a successful first year.

This season, however, they hit a crisis. Issues on and off the field with Jadon Sancho, Mason Greenwood, and Anthony, many injuries, and a poor offensive performance. The criticism of Van Gaal is getting louder and louder. According to reports, the players have even started to turn against him.

The mood hasn”t been good lately. The team was motivated to make a late-season push for a European spot next season, but they lost 0-4 away to Crystal Palace in the 36th round of the Premier League on July 7 and then lost 0-1 to Arsenal on July 13. Eighth place with 547 points going into the final game. They are nine points adrift of fifth-place Tottenham, which 안전놀이터 qualifies for the Europa League, and have no hope of qualifying for the Europa League based on their league position.

This is when things changed for the Red Devils. Under Jim Ratcliffe’s ownership, the club is set to turn over a new leaf. The ambitious owner is said to be looking to fire Mourinho and build a new squad.

“A number of Manchester United players believe Van Gaal will be sacked by the ownership group at the end of the season,” according to the Daily Mail.

Team Talk added: “Van Gaal’s sacking is getting closer. According to Dutch media, Van Gaal will not be in charge of Manchester United in the 2024-24 season. From what we understand, Van Gaal is effectively a walking ‘dead man walking’ at Old Trafford.”

Bild has been covering Tuchel’s potential move to Manchester United for months. “Tuchel has chosen Manchester United as the club he wants to go to,” the report said in March. He has always admired United as his dream team,” the report explained.

However, he dismissed the possibility of a move elsewhere. “Tuchel is skeptical about going to Barcelona. He doesn’t speak Spanish and doesn’t like the atmosphere at Barcelona, which is not good. He doesn’t consider going to Saudi Arabia because money is not important to him,” Bild analyzed.

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