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“One point, half a success.”

It was explained by Kimpo FC coach Ko Jung-woon. The bloody battle between Bucheon FC and Gimpo ended without scoring. Bucheon and Gimpo tied 0-0 in the 31st round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ held at Bucheon Stadium on the 17th. The match, which drew attention due to the showdown between the third and fourth-place teams with 48 points, could not determine the outcome in the tight flow. Bucheon remained undefeated in six games and Gimpo remained in the rankings, satisfied with its unbeaten streak in three games.

Coach Ko said in a press conference after the game, “I had to play a game that didn’t lose. I played the game carefully. Since the opponent is a team aiming for the counter, of course, it was not just Gimpo’s soccer, but points were important. “I want to compliment you for taking even one point,” he said. 스포츠토토

Will I be happy to score no runs or will I be sad to score no runs. Coach Ko said, “From the director’s point of view, it’s the same. I played in this way, and it’s a way, and Bucheon is a strong team and a strong team. During the off-season training period, the attack build-up that was pulled sideways made it difficult by shaking left and right in the first half, but it was a pity that the combination of the center did not come out. The midfield or defenders worked hard to the end and took one point. Half a success,” he said.

The remaining eight games must be played. Coach Ko said, “In the end, we have to make a good choice to fit the opponent in the number of available people. Juninho, who scored twice in the last game, also scored in the second half because of his defensive balance. Wanted lateral movement when exhausted. Starting from the first half, Kimpo should be able to play aggressive soccer. Yoon Min-ho and Son Seok-yong should work harder. “I feel sorry for those players,” he said.


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