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Director Kim Won-hyung goes to Japan alone with his family

“It’s all thanks to director Kim Sung-geun. He must study a lot.”

Coach Kim Won-hyung 52, who abruptly left the team after leading the SSG to a championship, left for Japan. He will receive training as a coach at the prestigious Softbank Hawks in the Japanese professional baseball league. He is a coach for the fourth tier team. Coach Kim Sung-geun 82 helped the team win the championship.

Former coach Kim Won-hyung told Sports Seoul on Wednesday, “I wanted to get to know Japanese baseball better. I was curious about the development system. I was able to come thanks to manager Kim Seong-geun. It is difficult for an individual to do this. It was possible because of the coach’s hard work.”

“It’s only been a few days. Even if you look at it for a moment, the scale is different. The facilities are well established. Softbank is operating from the third tier to the fourth tier. There is a fourth tier match today. There are a lot of coaches and a lot of players. The training period is until the end of this season. I will see how the training system and training system are. I will study a lot,” he stressed.

He went to Japan for three days of training. Softbank announced Kim’s registration as a coach to the Japan Baseball Organization NPB on Thursday. All his family members are in Korea, and he went to Japan alone.

He was the head of a club. In 2021, he became the first coach of the SSG. In 2022, he achieved the title of “wire to wire” not losing No. 1 ranking in every single day from opening to closing and won the Korean Series. He was deeply moved by the unified title.

2023 didn’t go his way. He was aiming for his second consecutive win, but finished third in the regular season. Three losses in the semi-playoff. Had to put down the baton of SSG on Oct. 31 last year. There was a lot of noise, but manager Kim Won-hyung left silently.

After taking a breather, I headed to Japan. With one determination to become a better leader, I boarded the plane alone with my family. Kim Sung-geun, who worked as a coach and managerial advisor at Softbank, arranged the plan. “I got this opportunity thanks to Kim Sung-geun,” Kim said. “I’m fine even if I’m alone. I didn’t come here to play.”

The size of Softbank’s team is mammoth. It is also the only team that runs its first to fourth teams. The team has 38 coaches based on the registration criteria on its website. The number of coaches for the second and fourth teams is 28. As of the official announcement by the NPB, the number of players registered is 65 and 54 are nurturing. The total number of coaches amounts to 119.

Dama Home Stadium Chikugo is located in Chikugo, Fukuoka, one of the state-of-the-art training facilities. It is about a 50-minute drive from his hometown of Fukuoka. Kim also works as a coach there.

As international competitions have failed in succession, people continue to say that Korea is getting more and more divided with Japan. We cannot just let go. If there is something to learn, you have to learn. This is why a former KBO league coach is receiving training in Japan’s fourth tier. 메이저 토토사이트

“Officially, the game starts on the 9th. I have been watching for a few days now. I watched the training and coaching of the 2nd tier team first. As the team runs through the 3rd and 4th tier teams, I will learn hard how to play. I will give it a try,” Kim said in renewing his commitment.


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