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Son Heung-min Tottenham teammate Hishalisson confessed the process of overcoming retirement and extreme choice through psychological counseling in frustration.

In an interview with ESP Brazil on the 28th, Hishalisson, a striker for the Brazilian national team, said in tears that he suffered from depression in the midst of extreme despair. Hishalisson scored three goals at the Qatar World Cup, but Brazil, a five-time World Cup winner, was eliminated after a penalty shootout in the quarterfinals.

I was playing the World Cup when I was in the best shape, and I was reaching my limit. I don’t want to talk about suicide, but I think it was depression back then. I wanted to give up everything, Hishalisson said. Even though I was mentally strong, I felt as if everything I came out after the World Cup had collapsed. I always thought of trash. I searched Google for trash words such as ‘death,’ he confessed. Whether I like it or not, I think they saved me as a psychotherapist and saved my life. If you need a psychotherapist, I would like to tell him to look for it. It’s better to open up and talk to a specialist, he said again, urging him to actively seek help in times of mental and psychological difficulties. Hishalisson said that meeting a psychotherapist was the best discovery of my life. He also welcomed the appointment of Marisa Lucia Santiago as a psychotherapist for the national team last week.

After receiving groin surgery at Son’s recommendation in November last year, Hishalisson has scored the second most goals in his team, following 11 goals in 26 games and Son Heung-min (14 goals) for Tottenham this season.

In response to Hishalisson’s confession, Tottenham also sent a message of support, saying, We will always be behind you. The club encouraged Son by posting a photo of him hugging Hishalisson through SNS. 메이저 토토사이트



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