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Volleyball Association conducts youth training projects to expand the base of volleyball

The Korea Volleyball Association will carry out a training project to expand the base of volleyball.

The Korea Volleyball Association said it will carry out various training projects for young students to participate in expanding the base of volleyball.

The association is selected for the public offering project conducted by the Korea Sports Council and conducts youth sports activity support projects (women’s volleyball classes), youth sports foundation construction projects, and student referee training education projects. The project will be implemented with financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, and will be targeted at elementary, middle and high school youth students.

First, the Youth Sports Activity Support Project (girls’ volleyball class) conducts volleyball classes for elementary, middle, and high school girls who are passive in sports activities. It is expected that by forming a program that allows female students to learn volleyball easily and fun, it will be able to improve their interest in volleyball and group activities, relieve stress, and prevent school violence by cultivating the right personality.

In addition, the schools that participated in the class have performed well in school sports club competitions and local superintendent of education, and the satisfaction of the schools that participated in the project is also very high.

The following is a project to build a foundation for youth sports. The project has been implemented for elementary schools since 2022, starting with 12 schools in the Seoul metropolitan area, and expanding its business area to Chungnam this year, a total of 19 schools will participate in the project.

The project is designed to hold regional competitions after conducting volleyball classes to revitalize youth sports for all, so that they can participate in the competition without ending up with a simple class. The association said it hopes to motivate participants and serve as a cornerstone for implementing the youth league in the future.

In addition, from 2022, all classes have been converted from the nine-person system to the six-person system, laying the foundation for exchanges between daily and professional sports, and it is expected to be a way out to replace the increasing number of professional sports players.

Student referee training education is a training project in which standing judges and professional referees visit schools where they want to receive referee education to provide students with career experiences by indirectly experiencing referees.

The association plans to award certificates to students who have completed their education and actively promote them through municipal and provincial volleyball associations so that they can participate in school sports club competitions and association youth club competitions as judges.

In addition, the association invited students from Seoul National University Girls’ Middle School who completed student referee training in connection with the 2022 Youth Sports Foundation Project Competition to conduct the competition.

This year, 15 schools (3 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 2 high schools) will conduct nine classes from September to November.

The association dispatches former national team athletes and retired athletes who have completed various education, including sexual violence prevention education and human rights education, as professional leaders for all instructors participating in each opening. Classes suitable for the target and purpose of each training project will be provided. In addition, all schools participating in the class are provided with goods (volleyball, net, planting, game rules, etc.) necessary for each class so that the class can proceed smoothly. 스포츠토토

The association said, “We will continue to carry out youth training projects in the future to provide job experiences and expand the base of volleyball by providing various sports activity experiences to students in adolescence.”


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