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Typhoon boomerangs return to Okinawa, expected to impact East Coast next week.

After a typhoon swept through Okinawa Prefecture, the vaulted roof of a shopping center was punctured as if it had been bombed.

Supermarket shelves are empty because goods could not be brought in due to the typhoon.

[Customer: “Due to the power outage caused by the typhoon, the food in the refrigerator has become inedible. I’m thinking of buying just one day’s worth. I don’t want another power outage tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.”]

Despite residents’ wishes for it to pass, Typhoon Kanun is expected to come close to Okinawa again.

This is because the typhoon, which moved westward in the waters south of Okinawa, stalled briefly in the East China Sea and then turned eastward again, toward Okinawa and the Kagoshima region.

[Ikeda/Japan Meteorological Agency Weather Consultation Center Head: “In the Okinawa region and the Amami Islands (southern islands of Kagoshima Prefecture), strong winds that could cause a running truck to fall on its side are expected to blow for six days.”]

It’s a state of emergency in Okinawa, which hasn’t even begun to recover yet.

Roads are littered with fallen trees and broken structures, and many shops remain closed.

More than 210,000 households, about a third of the total, have lost power, and tens of thousands are still without electricity.

In some places, drinking water supplies have been cut off and must be rationed on a daily basis.

The typhoon is expected to pass over the southern Japanese island of Kyushu early next week before moving northward into the Sea of Japan, 먹튀검증토토사이트 increasing the likelihood that the east coast, Ulleung Island, and Dokdo will be directly affected by the storm.


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