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How far will the riot on the pitch spread? It is shocking news that Turkiye Fenerbahce is even thinking about withdrawing from the league.

Fenerbahce is threatening to withdraw from the Turkiye Schiefer League. They are angry at the treatment they have received over the past few years,” the British Daily Mail reported on the 22nd.

Fenerbahce is a prestigious club in Turkiye where Kim Min-jae played in the 2021-2022 season. It is a traditional powerhouse that shines with 19 league wins, and is competing with Galatasaray for the title this season, ranking second in the league. Even after Kim Min-jae left, he has continued to play with Korean players by recruiting promising player Cho Jin-ho.

Fenerbahce suffered a shocking incident after the match against Travjonspor on the 18th. At that time, Fenerbahce’s team gathered in the center after a 3-2 victory and performed a victory ceremony.

Meanwhile, a Trabzonspor fan stormed the pitch and rushed into the squad. Fenerbahce defender Bright Osai Samuel exchanged fists with the crowd as well as Mickey Bachuai threw a kick as he felt threatened. Dozens more Trabjones fans poured in, and even pulled out the corner flag and swung it.

In fact, the mood was acrimonious even before the final whistle. Fans threw dangerous items such as knives and coins onto the field, and the referee kept stopping the game to prevent the player from overheating. Goalkeeper Dominic Livakovic even lost his blood after being hit by the coin. Fenerbahce players were also known to have provoked the audience into a war of nerves.

The stadium quickly turned into a scene of a gang fight, and thousands of people gathered together and turned into a chaos. There was even a shocking scene of the team wielding a weapon. The Fenerbahce team had to wait in the locker room for hours before boarding a bus under police escort.

Fenerbahce Chairman Ali Kok was furious at the unbelievable situation. “The treatment Fenerbahce is being treated is not acceptable to us,” he said, signaling a hard-line response. Fenerbahce is expected to raise the issue at an extraordinary general meeting on the 2nd of next month.

According to The Athletic, Fenerbahce is even threatening to leave the league. They were furious that there was no action even though their players were in danger of serious damage. Fortunately, no one was injured except for Livakovic, who had a scar on his face.

Fenerbahce feels that he has been treated unfairly not only in this case but also over the years. In the past, Fenerbahce lost his league title at the final match of the 2005-2006 season when foreign substances were thrown out due to spectators’ throwing, and in 2011, former chairman Aziz Ilidirim was imprisoned for six years due to a match-fixing scandal. However, he was acquitted only in 2020 after his acquittal.

There was even a shooting incident in 2015. A bullet fired at Fenerbahce as he was moving to the airport after the Liespor match, almost falling off the cliff. Fenerbahce has complaints that these incidents are being treated unfairly not only by the Turkiye Football Federation but also by the government. If Fenerbahce really withdraws from the league, he is expected to be demoted to the second division. 토토사이트 순위


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