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The newspaper article Won-Seok Oh wants to fix… the conclusion of his reflections

Oh Won-seok (23), one of the next generation of SSG’s starting pitchers, says he “reflected a lot” on last year. “I had the most wins in a season (eight) since my debut, but I had a lot of problems. I looked back and realized I was stagnant. I didn’t feel like I was moving forward.

After making his debut for the first team in 2020, Oh has been growing into his role. In 2021, he earned a starting spot and played 33 games, and in 2022, he played his first regulation innings (144) and was recognized as a starter. However, his performance last year was not as good as he had hoped. I thought I was getting faster with the ball and gaining experience, but my ERA rose into the five-run range (5.23).

Last year, they were competing for a spot in the starting rotation. This year is no different. A year has passed, and despite the fact that no one has been added to the team’s starting lineup, the word competition is still in the air this year. Won-seok Oh would have liked to have been a more solid starter, but he hasn’t been able to secure that privilege over the past year. Won-seok reflects that last year was problematic in many areas. He admits that he had a lot of ups and downs and lacked the strength to bounce back.

“Last year, when it was bad, it was so bad. Even if you go down, there should be something that goes up, but last year, it only went down. I have a lot of memories of that, so I reflected a lot. Our game management was the problem. I gave up points too easily. If the batsmen made up for it, they had to catch me again, and that was not good. I think there were times when I gave away a lot of points early on, I let myself go a little bit,” he said soberly, adding, “Anyway, I think I had a chance to be a starter for two or three years, but I didn’t get it. I thought, ‘Is this my limit,’ and I thought, ‘I still have more to do,'” he said, looking back at 2023.

“I regret it, but it’s in the past. Luckily, I didn’t get sick. I played the APBC after the season and felt fine. I had a clean physical. As soon as the off-season started, I was motivated. I started working on my physical fitness as well as technical issues. In January, I trained privately in Okinawa with Kim Kwang-hyun, my senior, to build my body and solve problems. I had problems with my quick motion last year, so I was more prepared for that. I also worked on my arm swing to make my fastball and changeup consistent. It was a very technically demanding offseason, with a lot of work and preparation.

Wonseok Oh had a funny story to share about his focus this year. “I thought I should know more about myself. I think I need to know myself and prepare a lot,” he said. He believes that knowing his problems as well as his strengths can reduce the ups and downs of his game. Won-seok reviewed his games from last year and studied his ball placement patterns again. He analyzed his pitches day and night to see when batters found them tricky. In the process, he found himself being chased in crunch time. He vowed not to repeat that failure this year.

“My main weapons are my fastball and slider anyway, but last year, I didn’t use my curveball and changeup too much. On days when I mixed my curveball and changeup together, I still had good results, but when I went out there, I was chased, so I tended to 메이저토토사이트 stick to my fastball and slider. Hitters only had to deal with two pitches. They could see how easy it was for me to pitch,” he concluded. This year, he plans to work on mixing in more curveballs and changeups. To do that, I need to be confident with both pitches. I’ve been throwing them intensively in camp and working on my rituals.

“I’m used to competition,” Won-Seok Oh said. It’s a familiar word every year. “There’s nothing set in stone. There’s nothing set in stone except for Kwanghyun and the two foreign players, so I think we have to compete,” he said. He also knows that if he doesn’t show his true colors by this year, he will have to go to the military with all his achievements forgotten. That makes him even more desperate, and he wants to change the familiar phrase in the article.

Oh’s dream is that this article will be published this time next year. “SSG’s starting lineup enters the season with Kim Kwang-hyun, two foreign players, and Oh Won-seok confirmed”. “That would be great,” Oh Won-seok laughs, “but I think I need to be a little more eager, thinking that this is my last chance. I’ll prepare technically, but I’m going to study a lot. I need to know myself well and discuss when I’m good and when I’m not. I’ve played more than 400 innings, so I have a good sample size. I’m determined to get 10 wins, not to mention regulation innings,” he said. He showed his determination by throwing a ball up to 146 kilometers in a practice game in Florida. It will be interesting to see if Oh Won-seok can change the story of SSG’s spring training in 2025.




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