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The LG Twins, another surprise star is being tested this year

The LG Twins’ bullpen, like the iron castle of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), has another surprise star on the horizon. Like Park Myung-geun, who captivated manager Yoon Kyung-yup as a rookie last year, another surprise star is being tested this year.

After graduating from Yushin High School and attending Korea University, sidearm pitcher Jeong Ji-heon (21), who was selected in the sixth round of the early draft, has recently been tested by taking the mound in exhibition games. In this testing opportunity, Jeong has shown off his form. On March 11, he pitched one inning of one-hit ball against Daegu Samsung Electronics, giving up no runs and no hits.

On the 14th, he took the mound in a crunch time against Changwon NC. In the bottom of the seventh inning with the score 4-6, he came to the mound with runners on first and second. He was tested in a crunch situation. However, he gave up a straight bunt to Song Seung-hwan, putting runners on first and second. However, he got Do Tae-hoon to fly out to the second baseman and then stranded the runner at second to end the seventh inning.

Manager Yoon Kyung-yup said, “I used it once in a crunch situation. My pitches were a little shaky,” said Yoon, 바카라사이트 adding, “When you make a save like that in a crisis, you grow mentally. There’s no pressure on me now. In the season, when I’m on the mound in that situation, the pressure is even greater and I take twice as much damage as now. I have to test myself like this,” he said, explaining his decision to pitch.

He’s been lucky, but he hasn’t had to bring in a successor in crunch time.

The experience of success had built up. On the 15th, he took the mound once again. This time, it was a back-to-back. In the bottom of the seventh inning, Jung got the leadoff hitter, Song Seung-hwan, to ground out to shortstop. One out later, he faced left-hander Do Tae-hoon, who worked a three-pitch count but induced a grounder to second base on the fourth pitch. With two outs, he faced pinch-hitter Choi Woo-jae and induced a swinging strikeout with a changeup. He used his changeup, four changeups and a slider to get the final out.

LG won the game 11-7 and Jung was the winning pitcher. After the game, manager Yoon Kyung-yeop said, “I was pleased with how Jung-heon mixed his changeup and faced lefties today, and I look forward to seeing him improve in the remaining exhibition games. He was impressed and hinted that he will be utilized more heavily in the remaining games.

Jeong did not participate in spring training. But Yoon has already identified his strengths and is thinking about how to utilize them. He said, “His fastball is up to 147 kilometers and has good movement. His changeup and fastball are at the same arm height, so he is a side-arm pitcher who can be used against both left and right-handed hitters. He’s the closest thing we have to a second winning pitcher,” he said.

“He has a commanding presence on the mound. He’s got a fighting spirit for a rookie. So the coaching staff is evaluating him well.” “A young player should have that kind of flavor,” said Yeom Kyung-yup. It’s a good advantage to show yourself to the coaching staff and fans.”

In the end, he showed his strengths in crunch time and in close games and made an impression.

He gained experience in successive games. He emphasized that he was not intimidated by the exhibition matches. The 180-centimeter, 85-kilogram sidearm reminds us of Park Myung-geun (20), who caught the eye of coach Yi Kyung-yup last year. They also share a common denominator in that they are not very physical.

Park finished last year with a record of 4-3, 5 saves, 9 holds, and a 5.08 ERA in 57 games. He caught the eye of head coach Yoon Kyung-yup as soon as he joined the team last year. 토토사이트 순위 From his debut season, he took on an important role and was even considered as a possible closer in the absence of Ko Woo-seok (San Diego). That’s why he was so highly regarded.

Just like Park a year ago, the opportunity presented itself for Jeong Ji-heon. Park passed the test and proved himself. Can Jeong seize the opportunity that has come his way and keep Yeom’s eye on him?



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