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Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is in the midst of finding a replacement for Kylian Mbappe.

PSG is parting ways with Mbappe this summer. Mbappe, who is virtually confirmed to go to Real Madrid, has already spoken with the club, and PSG is also moving to find a replacement for Mbappe.

Several players are on the list, but Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) is the most talked about player. According to the Daily Star of the U.K., PSG plans to bid for Rashford at £80 million. He is paid £500,000 a week.

The media said, “There is speculation that Rashford will leave Manchester United due to recent controversy within the team. He has a precarious relationship with Manchester United manager Erik tenhaq. PSG is hoping to recruit Rashford.” 메이저사이트

Liverpool winger Luis Díaz is one of the candidates. Díaz was born in 1997 as a Colombian national and has been receiving love calls from several teams since he entered Liverpool. Barcelona is also interested in him. Díaz, who is wearing the Liverpool uniform in 2022, is a player who is threatening to dribble through his right foot.

In addition, PSG is struggling in many ways to prepare for the post-Mbappe era.


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