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Mourinho, Who Was Fired Again, Accumulated Penalties of 137 Billion Won

Jose Mourinho also failed to complete the contract period.

AS Roma officially announced on Thursday that they have terminated their contract with Mourinho, the former team’s head coach. The new manager is Daniele de Rossi, a club legend who played for AS Roma for 18 years in the past.

Mourinho and AS Roma’s contract was up until this season. However, as AS Roma continued to suffer from poor performance, they pulled out their sword and dropped out during the season. AS Roma have fallen further from sixth place in Serie A this season to ninth place this season.

Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Tottenham, and AS Roma. Mourinho was fired during the contract again this time after failing to exceed three years for one team.

Mourinho, once called the “winning contractor” for his charismatic leadership and considered the best player in European soccer, has lost ground due to poor performance in his teams.

Apart from this, Mourinho’s wallet is getting thicker day by day. This is because he took a huge penalty for the replacement that occurred during the contract. The total penalty from the six dismissal processes so far is a whopping £80.9 million. It is about 137 billion Korean won.

Saudi Arabia is being considered as the next destination for Mourinho. In fact, Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal sent a love call to Mourinho last year, promising him the highest salary.

Mourinho was also moved to tears at the news of AS Roma’s dismissal. In a video clip filmed by local reporters including Italian Calcio Mercato, Mourinho greeted the reporters in tears. Some fans at the scene also greeted Mourinho and sang his cheering song when the car was leaving. Mourinho wrote “Arrivederci Roma (hello Roma)” on his social media shortly after he was fired with a photo of him holding up the Europa League conference trophy.

Mourinho entered his third year as AS Roma manager in the 2023-24 season. In the end, he could not overcome the jinx of his third year. Mourinho had a jinx of his third year, and it was proved once again. The reason for his dismissal seems to be that his poor performance is crucial. AS Roma is currently in ninth place in Italian Serie A. It has been a half-way round of the season, and it is four points away from sixth place in the UEFA European Championship. It is five points away from fourth place, where you can get a Champions League ticket.

The gap in points was small, but the team displayed remarkable performance. AS Roma, which had not won in three matches since the opening of the season, seemed to be rebounding from their 7-0 win over Empoli in the fourth round. However, after gaining just one point in the match against Turin, they suffered a crushing defeat by Genoa by three goals. Although the team had won consecutive games for a while, it lost points to Inter Milan and Lazio in succession, which had to win to leap to the upper ranks.

Mourinho publicly criticized after his shocking 1-4 defeat by Genoah. In an official press conference, he said, “AS Roma have lost their solidity to strive for the past. It’s the worst of my career, too. We have to get out of this situation. Now we can’t transfer and no one can leave or join us. There is no time to be sad.”

Mourinho called for the improvement of the team’s atmosphere, but it did not get any better. He only had one win in the last five games of the first half. In addition, he was eliminated after losing to Lazio in the quarterfinals of the Copa Italy. As a result of the rare rebound and the team lost to its rivals in the cup, it seems that high-ranking AS Roma have made a decision.

In June 2024, Mourinho’s contract with AS Roma will end. Rumors have it that he will not accompany AS Roma from a short period of time. According to many sources, including Portuguese media, Mourinho would leave the club when his contract with AS Roma is over. In fact, “The contract will end on June 30 next year, but he is unlikely to renew his contract at the moment. It is instability that harms the tranquil atmosphere within AS Roma.” Mourinho has lost the passion he needs to lead AS Roma and the Italian public opinion is that he remains in Roma with pride. In the end, he seemed to leave the club after completing it until this season, but he was dismissed with six months left and failed to meet the contract period.

Mourinho led FC Porto in the 2002-03 season and showed potential as a top-class leader. In his second year, he won the league title, the cup title, and the UEFA Cup to build a treble. He later took the helm of Chelsea FC and left an unrivaled record in the Premier League.

He led big clubs such as Chelsea and Real Madrid to post best performance in his second year. He made trebles in the 2009-10 season at Inter Milan and double played against the strongest team in Real Madrid. When he returned to Chelsea, he led his team to the top by winning the Premier League and Cup championships in his second year.

At one point, he was called a “Special One” and was praised as the best master. However, that was also an old story. They went down a notch after serving as Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. When he was playing for Manchester United, he won the UEFA Europa League from his first appointment, and finished the second season without a trophy. He also left Tottenham Hotspur in the second year of the league’s finals after being replaced. It was his first season as a member of the AS Roma team to win the Europa Conference League title.

Although he moved down one notch from the world-renowned figure, Mourinho had some pain when he was playing for Tottenham. “Tottenham was a team that had never won a single championship in 50 years,” he appeared on the podcast “Auby One Podcast” in November last year. The team that had never won a championship was dismissed two days before the final match. It was ridiculous. Tottenham didn’t even remember its last championship. In the end, it didn’t make the final. We weren’t sure of winning because the opponent team was Manchester City, but we once caught Manchester City in the Premier League. The atmosphere was positive. There are cases where a plan goes your way, but every time I led Chelsea to Wembley, I won the title. Manchester United also won three times at Wembley and twice. His record was quite good at Wembley. He was also well aware of the atmosphere of the stadium. You have to feel comfortable before a big game. If you feel that the stadium is too big, you can’t play the game,” he said.

It’s not just Tottenham. It was the same for Manchester United. “The people I pointed out are still with Manchester United. Players and coaching staff are all included. When I said the same thing when I was the manager of Manchester United, those people were still with the team. I said Manchester United would never succeed if it was with these people,” Mourinho claimed.

Mourinho’s break with the five major European leagues is drawing attention to his next destination. He is likely to receive a love call from a European middle-ranking team because of his achievements, but he will not be at the top level. As he took the helm of AS Roma immediately after being dismissed from Tottenham, there is still a love call for Mourinho.

Newcastle United is being discussed, but he could go to Saudi Arabia and end his European career. Last summer, Saudi Arabia’s team offered Mourinho an astronomical amount of money, but he has a history of staying in AS Roma. Mourinho also said that he would someday lead the Saudi Arabian team.

British media outlet The Sun reported late last year that Jose Mourinho will likely leave AS Roma after the end of this season. He has yet to find a new team. However, there are many rumors around him. Rumors of his return to Chelsea and Real Madrid have spread to Saudi Arabia.

Mourinho did not deny the rumor. In a recent interview, he said, “I will join the Saudi Arabian League someday. I will coach there. However, it will not be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

However, he drew a line on rumors that he would return to Real Madrid. Mourinho was the Real Madrid coach from 2010 to 2013. He said, “Am I going to Real Madrid to replace Carlo Ancelotti? The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, is a very smart man. He already has the best manager in the world. Why would he choose another manager? I hope Ancelotti will stay at Real Madrid. He is the perfect manager for Real Madrid.” He spoke highly of Ancelotti.

Last summer, Mourinho was offered an ultra-large contract worth 500,000 pounds (about 820 million won) per week by Saudi Arabian Al Hilal. It was the highest treatment in the history of soccer as a coach. However, Mourinho refused and he stayed at AS Roma. “During the last vacation, I received the biggest offer in the history of a soccer coach. But he refused. He did so because he wanted to keep his promise with players, fans and the owner of the club. How is it now? My reaction has completely changed.” 토토사이트


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